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Our Nepal Story…

Our Nepal Story...


We are so pleased you are getting involved in our journey – you are very welcome.

So the story so far….

Nepal had two earthquakes in April 2015.

The first with a magnitude of 7.8Mw happened at 11.56 on Saturday 25th April when fortunately most people were out.

Unfortunately, there were a few older people and young children at home.

Many people died along with their animals and stored crops were ruined.

A second earthquake came in a day later and just about finished the rest of the buildings off.

Thangpalkot1 was cut off for weeks from the rest of the world along with all the other villages in this district – the more you get involved, the more stories you will hear.

The district of Sindapulchowk has still received very little assistance from their own government being so very far away from Kathmandu – in Paul’s opinion, they have very much been forgotten.

Paul and Will went to Thangpalkot1 by chance in December 2015 and spent Christmas there with Derek Cowan who started this whole story off – they experienced the devastation the earthquake had caused and watched the first home being rebuilt.

Paul and Jamie went back in December 2016 and built some more homes, bought the school some new desks and a water tank.

Paul and Will went back again in April 2017 to manage and oversee the 10 homes paid for by the Fine and Country Foundation that Sean Newman instigated.

….. and here we are 26 homes later.

We have 55 or so more to build and this is only in this one village.

It only costs £1600 to purchase and transport enough materials to get one property built. The villagers fund their own labour, create their own hard core and get sand from the river.

Paul explains it like this. ‘Imagine the community you live in and all the homes collapse. Now whether you own the home or you have a loan on it, it is not insured. You don’t have a lot but you’re happy. You gather what you can from the rubble of your home and you make a temporary shack. You sit there and have no choice but to wait for the universe to supply a solution. You have the resources and the community to rebuild but you just do not have the funds to get materials to the village – the nearest supplier is 6 hours away by truck!’

As in all societies we have the very poor and vulnerable, through no fault of their own, the lazy, the motivated and the leaders. We have all these too in Thangpalkot1 and we have a method to protect everyone from favouritism and corruption, hence, you will see our agreements being explained and signed for. Every penny you raise will go straight to these families.

One man told Paul that when he turned up he thought we were going to bring a bag of rice – little did he know that Paul had been watching him all over that Christmas from a terrace above and was coming back. Ask Paul to tell you the story when you see him.

Now since then we have had some amazing support from local people and businesses but we need to continue to raise awareness and funds to finish what we have started.

We are not here to change these people. They don’t need changing they just need a roof over their head.

For now that is our concentration – re-building one home at a time.

We’ll suggest some other solutions to help as and when the time is right.

Thank you so much for taking interest in this rewarding project.

PS Please do not hesitate to contact Paul or any of the team personally if you have any questions.

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