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Re-building Homes And Lives, One At A Time

The Campbells Foundation helps re-build homes and lives in Nepal – families that desperately need money and resources.

At approximately 11:56am, one Saturday morning in April 2015, Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and the people of Thangkalpot 1 had their world literally collapse around them….

… it then happened again a few days later.

Foundations for first house

 86 homes destroyed and the local school lost everything.

We went to Nepal Christmas 2015 when we founded the charity and bought blankets, safety glasses and enough materials to rebuild 2 homes!

We actually stayed in Thangkalpot 1 Nepal, 6 hours north east of Katmandu and experienced what it’s like to be in an earthquake demolished village, way up in the hills – there were only a few homes left standing out of 92.

If you get involved the same way as we have you will soon realise that for just a little bit of effort we can make a difference.

Community building

You can follow the progress and see what effect we have already achieved – stay tuned via:

It is a truly fascinating story.

If you want to follow Paul on his travels through India to Nepal in December then he would be delighted for you to share the experience Click Here

Grandma e

The more donations we receive the more homes we can re-build.

Thangpalkot 1 is one of many villages completely cut off back in April 2015 and is still very difficult to get to.

If you live in Nepal and you are more than 2 hours away from Kathmandu you are very cut off from the rest of the world.

I have now been twice and we have created a method which works – we raise much needed funds here in the UK and they re-build their homes one at time.


“I have the good fortune to help property investors ‘Turn Houses Into Homes’ as part of my daily activity but I never once thought I would be helping people in Nepal re-build homes too.

I really didn’t realise it was that bad in Nepal and worse still, it still is!

It’s a long story how I got involved but feel free to ask…”

Paul Campbell


So how did this start?

In November 2015 Paul Campbell, by chance, was having a Facetime conversation with his friend Derek in Nepal and within minutes he knew he had to do something to help – so a plan was hatched.

Derek Cowan is picured on the left in the village known as Thangpalkot 1 in the District of Sindhupalchok north east of Kathmandu.

‘It’s funny how things work out’ said Paul, ‘I have known Derek for a few years albeit with only 2 face to face meetings but we have kept in touch via social media ever since – this man is quite incredible.

Here is the story so far;

On his travels Derek gets introduced to Hrinzen who in turn takes him to his village that was destroyed in the April 2015 earthquakes – well put it this way there were only 6 homes left, 86 destroyed.

In April 2015 800,000 homes were destroyed in Nepal.

Derek Cowan

When I interviewed Derek back in November 2015, this is what he had to say:

What happened to this village and when? There were 2 devastating earthquakes on 25th April 2015.

How long has it been like this? The devastation is still here.

How does the village rally together?
 I rallied them together, I encouraged them to pull together and show the world what a real community can do. I assured them that I was there to help put the funds donated straight into their hands. Unlike larger organisations that either give part money or little over time.

How many homes affected and give us some info on the school? 86 destroyed only 6 standing after the quake. The school has been re-built but now they need desks and chairs to sit on.

Now that the villagers have learnt how to re-build Derek has since moved on to pastures new but they need continued support.

Paul keeps in regular touch with the headmaster of the school which is interesting.


Where are you in Nepal exactly and what’s it like there? Thangpalkot 1 in Sindhupalchok district, northeast of Kathmandu – the worst hit area. One of many village cut off and still very difficult to get to.  Life is tough here. Communal water well for drinking water, shower and for washing clothes.

The water comes straight from the mountains. I’m living in a tent at the moment, which is freezing through the night. All food is home grown, on the fields/terraces that surround them. Life is great for me, waking up with the Himalayas and the beautiful landscape, you really can’t beat it!

What’s happened since you have arrived and what’s you plan next? Having only been here 6 days, I have started first home already, with second site being prepared. I don’t mess  about, when i’m passionate about something, i’ll make it happen. There will be 86 homes built here. Like mentioned above I will look at raising funds for rebuilding the school.

What can we do to help? Give this area and cause the attention it deserves. Fund raise till you have so much money, we can build a school. Share the message, PR, market the hell out of this amazing cause and be you 🙂

Local launderette

DONATE TODAY please and help us re-build homes and lives, one at a time.

As well as money we also accept unwanted US dollars and colouring books and pens for the children in the village.

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