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Why Is It Important To Have Excellent Property Details?

Why Is It Important To Have Excellent Property Details?

Once you’re happy with the presentation of your property, we’ll start to prepare your property details.  Our descriptions are compelling yet always balanced with the truth and contain keywords and phrases we know from experience, are vital to increasing your visibility on the Internet and being found quickly.

We make a point of not featuring any of the following:

  • Photos taken with ‘stretch’ lenses (wide angle lenses) to make rooms and gardens look bigger.
  • The bare minimum of details designed to push a potential buyer to book a viewing to then find out the property is unsuitable and waste your time.
  • Basic descriptive errors – we know the difference between a semi-detached and an end of terrace.



We also like to get people excited when they are reading about your property. If you look at any of our properties online you will notice we don’t just write ‘boring’ room descriptions, we tell a story about the property and the area it is in. We want people to imagine what it is going to be like living in their new home, if they are interested, they can look at the room details after – we want to get people excited!

To ensure accuracy, calibrated laser measures are used as standard and the data is then entered into professional drawing software to produce plans of varying levels of complexity, from a simple floor plan to a 3D plan with a walk through to detailed floor plans with measurements if renovations are required.

Half the battle in producing really good property details is professional photography or ‘protography’ for short.  Campbells’ people are very well trained in taking good shots and will carefully evaluate the best aspects of your property, those that buyers really want to see, and photograph them in the best possible light conditions.  If the weather changes drastically after we take the photos, we’ll come round and take some new ones so they look as up-to date as possible.

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If you live in an area of outstanding beauty or close to interesting landmarks or excellent local amenities, we’ll take photos of those as well. We want people to buy into a community and a lifestyle, not just your property, so we help them visualise what it would be like to live there.  And with so many property details looking the same these days, having something different on yours will stop prospective buyers in their tracks and make them take a second look.

If you want to get your property to the top of a buyer’s list, you have to imagine what your property will look like on the computer screen.  The Internet is now the primary ‘medium’ people use to view property.  Does yours make an impact, or pass by unnoticed?

Once your property details are complete, we’ll send a paper copy for you to check and approve.  This could take a couple of days because we want to make absolutely sure we take the best photos and compile the details as accurately as possible.

Why Is It Important To Have Excellent Property Details?

  1. It will be the first or second form of media your potential buyers will see, therefore it will give first impressions and they need to be good first impressions.
  2. It will help people see what they do and don’t like about the property and whether or not they want to view it.
  3. The photographs will be the main decision maker for any potential viewers, so they need to show every room in its best light whilst still making them look realistic – we don’t want people to turn up disappointed – that is why we don’t use ‘fish eye’ lenses to make rooms look bigger.
  4. Property details also answer a lot of initial questions that potential buyers will have.