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We Have The Marketing Skills To Sell Your Property…Guaranteed

We Have The Marketing Skills To Sell Your Property…Guaranteed

Our marketing team have always tried to come up with new forward-thinking, innovative ideas to help our clients move on quickly.

The internet has played a massive role in the sale and letting of property and we have always tried to make sure our clients’ properties are at the top of buyers’ and tenants’ lists. Clearly the more buyers and tenants see our properties, the quicker we can spring into action and the best price be achieved.

Each one of our advertised properties has its own unique URL and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) function; when we first set this up it made changes to the amount of enquiries through this one feature alone. If you are searching for a property in a particular street or location, with particular criteria, you will find it in an internet search. Clearly our sellers and landlords will benefit massively from this.

We recently made massive changes to our website to allow both buyers and sellers to book viewings and valuations online, 24/7.

We have always invested heavily in mobile responsive technology, since nowadays, most potential buyers will be looking at your property from a mobile phone, the chances are you may even be reading this right now on a mobile! Have you read our blog about ‘Estate Agents and Mobile Phones’?

No longer do our clients have to sit in front of a PC, you can communicate with us from anywhere. In a recent survey, our customers wanted to be able to communicate and read our property details on the move and in their lap, so now you can.

You now have the facility to see the location of each property on Google Maps or Google Street View. You can even send a copy of the details to a friend, if you want to.

And on top of all that, subject to your approval, we will upload your property details to all of the popular, reputable property websites ie Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location, as well as our own.  You wouldn’t believe how much work goes on behind the scenes to get your property to the top of every potential buyers list.

Click on our SOCIAL HUB by all means and see what we get up to. Don’t forget to follow us on your favourite social media platform so you can keep up to speed with the property market while you are moving.

Not only this but we spend thousands a month advertising our clients properties on social media including Facebook and Twitter, you would be amazed how many people connect with us and book a viewing because they have seen properties advertised in their Facebook newsfeed. Have you seen our blog ‘8 Social Media Platforms That We Use To Sell Or Let Your Property Faster‘.

We recently won GOLD at The Sunday Times ‘Estate Agency Of The Year’ for Best Social Media Marketing In The UK!

Your professionally produced sales particulars and full colour photographs are printed and prominently displayed in our High Street window and office to attract visiting buyers and passers-by.

If you are a Facebook, Twitter , YouTube, or Instagram  user we have a great opportunity for you to spread the marketing of your property even further.

Subject to your agreement and approval we can create a property videoette for you that will be added to our Campbell’s YouTube channel, and your property profile on Rightmove , Zoopla and Prime Location – videos are so much easier to show off your property and definitely worth the effort.

This is all a costly exercise for us, but one that is going to give your property the maximum exposure possible and give you the opportunity to get the highest price.
Most agents only have their own website and Rightmove – it’s worth doing a little research and having a look at the various websites.

Once your property is on the market, the second phase of marketing begins – getting your property the attention of those buyers who will be most interested in it.

We’re very pro-active in this area. We don’t sit back and wait for buyers – we put the feelers out and find them.

Every buyer registered with us who is looking for a property like yours will be contacted.

We have an extensive list of potential buyers at the moment who will receive your details by email, text, post or phone depending on which is their preferred method of contact.

My colleagues and I will then start to phone each one in order of ‘position to purchase’ – in other words, I start with cash buyers and those who are in a position to move quickly, followed by those actively looking and awaiting offers, and so on until we have contacted the whole list. This approach is very effective and generates a lot of initial interest.

As your local agent, we like to give people a choice as to how they would like to sell their property, FIND OUT MORE HERE