Selling Your Property

People often think estate agents are not interested in listening to what they want, and with some agents this is true … It’s not at Campbells.

You’ll find we do things a little differently.

For a start, we don’t take on every property we are asked to sell. In our opinion, there are five key criteria for selling a property and at least three must be met if we are to successfully sell your property.

You need to be motivated to move.

We only deal with sellers who are serious about selling. It’s not uncommon for people who don’t necessarily need to move to be so attached to their home, and reluctant to leave, that they find reasons to turn down very good offers.

Ideally you should have a ‘For Sale’ board outside.

It’s an important arm of our marketing strategy to attract passers-by and it shows you are serious about selling – we appreciate there are some incidents where this simply can’t be done.

The price you ask must reflect the market valuation and not be grossly inflated.

It’s essential that you trust our years of experience and take our advice on this. An inflated price will stop your property from selling within a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, this wastes your time, our time and scares off any potential buyers.

You must be willing to pay our fees.

Your investment in us reflects the higher level of service you will get. We work very hard to get your property sold as quickly as possible and we guarantee that our service represents real value for money.

To guarantee a certain level of profit in the business, budget estate agents offering low fees need to secure a high turnover of properties to keep going, which means they don’t have the time to ensure you have the best possible care during one of the most stressful periods of your life. Our clients tell us that budget agents, in their experience, sign you up and then move on to getting the next instruction without so much as a backward glance – we don’t feel you deserve that.

Time and again, it’s been proved that paying an agent as little as possible doesn’t achieve the desired result. Often the result is devastating: few viewings, little interest, no buyers or offers, and lots of time wasted. It’s immensely frustrating.
Paul Campbell

We do not operate like a sausage factory. We can’t look after you if we take on too many properties and spread ourselves too thinly. Therefore, the number of properties on our books is rarely allowed to go above 25 per team member. Beyond this, we don’t have the time needed to give every seller a personal service.

When dealing with estate agents who charge budget fees, there’s usually little money in the business to afford good training for the staff, especially in negotiating the maximum price possible for the seller, or in sales chasing, which means sales can drag on for months and you end up doing all the work chasing solicitors. Budget pricing would mean we simply wouldn’t have the time to make sure all the little details are taken care of and we don’t thing that is a very good idea.

If you consider that 43% of sales that are neglected end up being abandoned before exchange of contracts, paying more to ensure everything is looked after is well worth it. We won’t neglect you, we promise.

Joining the Campbells community means personal attention, hard work, diligence and care. And lots of it.

Campbells is more than a cut above the rest. You are made to feel welcome and that nothing is too much for them. They will help as much or as little as you wish. Fantastic, friendly group of people, very helpful, polite, and I was treated like a human instead of a fat cheque at the end of it all.
John Loker

By agreeing to sell your property for you, you can be reassured we genuinely believe your property will sell and that you are fully committed to helping us in that task.

Campbells impressed us with their whole approach: Explaining the sales breakdown, the regular calibration of pricing with viewers; honest and open appraisal of costs and the process; openness in comparison with other agents; genuine from the outset.
Paul Larcombe

So, what else can you expect when you ask Campbells to sell your property?

Family meeting real-estate agent for house investment

Accompanied viewings

Papers with graphs, calculator and Valuation concept.

Accurate Valuations

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Excellent Details


No Minimum Contract Length

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The Truth

For more information on what else you can expect from our experts at Campbells then you can CLICK HERE to look at why we think you should choose Campbells.