Customer Relationship Manager

Donna Piercey

Donna joined Campbells in May 2019. She originally trained as a Nursery Nurse, before going into the administration side of nursery work and then moved into motorsport finance administration. 

    From the first viewing until the completion of sale, the team at Campbells have been very proactive and approachable. Each query I have had was responded to promptly with detailed and helpful answers.

    JamesUnited Kingdom

    I’d like to thank the team, for the perseverance and professionalism through this difficult and challenging endeavour in selling our property. We choose Campbells because we were so pleased with them when we bought our cottage 10 years ago; they was extremely supportive and the deal went through smoothly in 5 weeks.

    Peter and HazelUnited Kingdom

    When selling the property, I did have a visit from another estate agent, however , the professionalism of your team secured the contract. From the video that was produced, through to marketing updates – I didn’t feel the other agent would provide that level of service and their representative appeared very blasé.

    StuartUnited Kingdom

    Our decision to use Campbells was the best thing we could have done, in fact, if we hadn’t had them on board the sale never would have gone through. Their constant chasing and tenacity was the only thing that kept everyone buoyant during a very stressful transaction. Their positive attitude and reassuring nature is not representative of my previous experience of Estate Agents!

    Mark and NicolaUnited Kingdom

    The extra effort and individualised care from the team and Campbells was worth every penny, you took all the hassle out of selling my home.
    I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work during the sale of my property they took the burden right out of my hands and got on with the job. They are really professional and helpful, whenever you speak to anyone in the team they straight away know who you are and everything about your sale.

    IlariaUnited Kingdom

    Donna joined Campbells in May 2019. She originally trained as a Nursery Nurse, before going into the administration side of nursery work and then moved into motorsport finance administration. 

    After that, she worked for a busy independent mortgage broker as an administrator where attention to detail and systemisation of key processes was critical. Throughout her career, Donna has continued to refine her communication, organisational and supervisory skills, together with further developing a friendly, caring and nurturing approach with everyone she meets.

    Her first contact with Campbells was as a customer in 2010. She asked our team to represent her through the sale and purchase of a few properties. This is when Donna first came to appreciate the difference Campbells make and our ability to look after our clients and their property properly. 

    In 2010 when I first put my Property on the market I used Campbells. I have since moved a few times and sold properties through the same amazing team. I’m sure I’m thought of as a serial house mover!
    My home moving antics and subsequent experience will certainly help you if you are feeling anxious about anything – don’t worry I will empathise and help you if I can.

    Donna PierceyCustomer Relationship Manager

    One day Donna decided to change her career path and luckily, she happened to bump into Mark and mention her situation, he then kindly introduced her to Paul and the rest, as they say, is history. 

    I just love being able to come to work and be able to express my creativity and adapt all my experience to not just look after the team but help and empathise with all our customers while they go through their own individual journey with us.
    Can you tell I’m passionate about my role in our team?

    Donna PierceyCustomer Relationship Manager

    Although Donna’s official job title is Customer Relationship Manager, she is often referred to as the Office Mummy. Essentially, she is the eyes and ears of the team. With oodles of joined-up thinking, Donna uses creativity, continuity and consistency to ensure the customer journey is perfect. Whether that’s making sure the High Street office is clean and tidy, or the property sales particulars have eye-catching pictures and the right words, Donna is here to make sure that our customers are well looked after.

    And when your house purchase has completed and you walk into the office to collect your keys, Donna makes sure you receive a congratulatory card and a bottle of bubbly. And if you’re wondering who’s behind both the birthday and Christmas cards, all with handwritten envelopes and signed by the entire team, that would also be her. It’s good to have someone in the team with neat handwriting and a passion for delivering a personalised, yet professional, service.

    One of Donna’s all time personal highlights involved the Christmas card competition Campbells ran in conjunction with Badby School. Pupils were invited to draw their own Christmas card design. She was delighted that 69 children took up the challenge. And whilst there could only be one winner, Donna loved shaking the hands of every pupil who took part, presenting them with a special certificate and congratulating them on their brilliant achievements.

    Often referred to as the glue that holds the team together, as her colleagues, we think that she always lightens the mood and brings order to even the most chaotic situation. When not at work, she loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys being part of such a wonderful local community.

    If you want to have a confidential chat about your journey with Campbells then please get in touch – Donna can mostly be found in the High Street office, so pop in on your way past.