What Is It Like Being A Campbells Associate?

We are regularly asked what it is like to be a Campbells Associate… creating your very own estate agency and property business.

So we have put together some frequently asked questions to help you…

Can I Have A Trial Run?

Yes – you most certainly can!

We think it’s very important that if you are considering investing in your future then you should be given the opportunity to touch, feel and see how it all works – warts and all.

So you could say it is our version of ‘try before you buy’.

Three days working alongside our team will give you plenty of opportunities to shadow and experience our existing property experts as they go about their daily activities helping sellers, buyers, landlord and tenants.

All we ask, is that you are smartly dressed, as it is likely you will be meeting our customers in their homes or on site whilst we carry out valuations, market appraisals, viewings and property management inspections etc.

This will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Talk to Carla and she can tell you much more – she can be reached on 01327 878926.

What are the setup costs?

Clearly, as with any small business, there is an initial investment to set yourself up – don’t worry we’ll go through all that and show you how it works.

What if I don’t have the money to invest?

Paul Campbell set up Campbells when he was 19 years old and is clearly an advocate for anybody who has the passion to set up their own business – he didn’t have much money either and started from scratch.

If you really want to run your own property business then you will find a way. Paul is more than happy to teach you from his mistakes.


How long does it take before I start earning?

Well, that is as soon as you want to get started – it really is up to you.

Once we have met you will naturally start looking for people that are on the move – seriously it will be that quick.

You will have your own tribe of family and friends and just as soon as the word gets out you will get requests for help. This is very much a ‘trust business’ so people will naturally want to talk to you. You’ll see.

Then once you are working with the recognised and reputable Campbells brand and your chosen area it will all start to flow.

The quicker you learn, the quicker you will earn.

If you do as we teach and you follow the model there is no reason why you couldn’t be earning a steady income within a few months…. and then you build your income from there.

How much would I be expected to earn once I am at my full potential?

There is no set limit on how much you can earn.

Our Associates regularly invoice between £2,000 – £3,500 + VAT a month.

The more experienced associates will earn in excess of £5,000 + VAT in any one month.

Feel free to talk to the team when you come and see us. You will soon get a very good idea how much time you will spend on your business and how much you want and can earn.

You will become a Senior Associate once you have averaged £5000 + VAT over 3 consecutive months – then there lies another opportunity if you want to, teaching others the same methods.

What is the next step up from being an Associate?

Is there further opportunity?

My goodness, definitely. But only if you really want to. We have people in our team that just want to earn £2000 + VAT a month and those that want to earn a regular £5,000 + VAT monthly and build a substantial saleable and willable business for their future, and in some cases their families.

Once you have earned £5000 + VAT a month for 3 months in a row you are upgraded to a Senior Associate – this now gives you the freedom and ability to teach others and consider your own ’boutique showroom’.

In return for your teaching and responsibility, you will then be rewarded with a residual income – income from your own Associates.

But first things first, we need to teach you some practised methods Don’t worry ,it’s actually quite simple – well it is when you know how.

When can I start?

You can start just as soon as you like but first we need to talk and meet first.

If you call our Associate co-coordinator Carla she will talk it through with you – she can be contacted on 01327 878926.

Will I be on my own?

No, the best part of this opportunity is that you have the benefit of owning your own business and working with other like-minded business owners at the same time!

You will always have the support from your team – again, when you meet the existing Associates just ask.

In fact, ask any question you like!

Our team policy – ‘it’s not all about the me, it’s about the we’.

What about tax and VAT?

We will teach you all about that and make sure you know how to administrate your business properly – you just need a couple of hours once a month and eventually, it will become a habit. Or, like most of us, pay somebody else to do it.

It actually gets really exciting when the income starts to flow – we have a whole session on tax planning and cashflow etc.

There’s a practised and proven method for everything.

And if you catch Paul on the subject he will teach you how to build your own property portfolio and other ways to reward yourself.

If you come and visit us please ask the existing associates any questions you like – they all asked questions too.

Can I work towards any qualifications?

Yes if you want to – we openly encourage continual learning.

As part of your ‘business in a box’, you will be given one year’s free membership of the National Association of Estate Agents.

If you then focus on taking the exams within a year of joining the Campbells team then we will cover the costs – a lot of what you learn is common sense.

We will teach you how to become an expert in relocation – you will meet clients moving from one area of the country to the other all of the time so that’s an avenue worth considering.

You can also learn to be an accelerator mover expert too – this is an expertise where we help our clients who really need to move very quickly. It is a sensitive transaction where we introduce a seller to an investor and move the transaction very very quickly.

Am I restricted to one area?

Absolutely not, you choose an area that you would be happy and passionate to serve your customers in and we will encourage and incentivise you to create your own clients for a higher return. You are free to offer your expertise across the UK – you just have to be mindful of other Associates and their businesses that’s all.

We all work together as a team and we never tread on each other’s toes.

We are an online estate agency business with a traditional twist so as an individual with today’s technology you can pretty much serve and help anyone, anywhere.

What support do I get?

You will begin your journey with plenty of training, so don’t worry – we will teach you everything you need to know.

To be honest, we all continue to learn as our business evolves.

You will be given a ‘buddy’ initially to help you until you feel comfortable doing stuff by yourself.

As part of your journey you will receive at least one half day personal training session once a month with Paul Campbell if you ask – all of us in the team are willing to help you with our own expertise and experiences.

And don’t worry about admin and everything else that you think you might have to do – full training is given.

Everyone has a weakness of some sort, we can’t all be perfect. You can be assured that there will be somebody in the team that will help until you have ‘got it’.

Even if your ‘internet copy’ grammar isn’t up to scratch, don’t worry we have a method for that – we even have an app that can help you.

Whilst we have standard letters and email templates we let you add your ‘magic sauce’.

We promise, it’s not that hard.

What happens if I want to go on holiday or if I’m ill?

Well here is the magic about our unique, well thought out and practised model, stuff happens. We all get curve balls thrown at us and we all enjoy the ‘offline’ days or weeks when we can go off and do things without having to worry about our business.

We all have our ‘off days’ and ‘duvet days’.

Some of us have kids that occasionally need a day off too, normally in school time.

Some of us have elderly relatives that need us for hospital appointments.

That’s ok too.

The bottom line is, as you will soon find out, our model allows you to be away from your business  – your team around you will look after it for you while you are absent.

Am I suitable?

We are looking for genuine, committed, self-motivated team players who are looking for a fun and exciting new challenge –  so if you believe that this is something you can do then yes of course you are!

Seriously, what we do is not difficult – we care a lot about how our customers feel and if you ‘get it’ then you too can do it.

If you are the type of person that likes to celebrate your clients achievements as well as your own and your team and you share then you will love this business.

How flexible is this property business?

This isn’t a job, you will be self-employed and you will be your own boss so flexibility is very much up to you – it is life changing but you will get used to it.

(If it’s a job you are looking for then we do have other opportunities – CLICK HERE)

Ask the Associates when you meet them and they will soon tell you how they dealt with it.

By the way, if you have any fear of being self-employed please don’t worry. We will teach you all you need to know – there is a whole session on just this subject on our course.

Our remote server and online software will allow you to log on and work anywhere and at any time of the day … or night!

Some of us spend time in the showroom, some work in our off-street studio, some work from home and some work from their second home.

Ask the associates how they do it?

Ask Paul where he works from – he was the one that dreamt up this flexible lifestyle many years ago when he realised that life was not all about working all of the time.

We even have internet phone facilities so when we say flexible working we really mean it.

Do I need experience or qualifications?

No – experience, like anything else, will help but it is certainly not compulsory.

We will teach you everything you need to know.

You may find that once you have spoken to us, you may realise that you have had more experience dealing with property than you thought.

And in any case we often talk about ‘your own magic sauce’ so don’t be surprised if your own life experiences now come into their own.

Don’t worry we’ll soon know if you will be suitable for this business.

Where can I work?

The beauty of having your own property business is working from wherever you like!

We encourage you to work in a showroom or our off-street studio with other like-minded Associates. This will help you focus on your day to day activities, finding new clients and learning new things.

But as long as you are servicing your clients and giving excellent customer service then feel free to work and play whenever it suits.

It’s fair to say that most of us do lots of both – we want you to achieve and focus on your dreams.

Interested in becoming a Campbells Associate?

Why not come for a free trial?

If you are interested and you’re serious about investing in your future then please don’t hide behind email – pick up the phone and make yourself known to us.

Ask for Carla 01327 878926.

Alternatively you can fill in your details in below and we will give you a call.

Don’t forget to scroll on further if you would love to learn more… we have so much to tell you.