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Mediation In Daventry

Selling a property often involves more than one person and if those people involved are in a dispute of any kind then it can often cause anxiety and stress for all parties concerned.

Selling a property often involves more than one person and if those people involved are in a dispute of any kind then it can often cause anxiety and stress for all parties concerned.

We can provide mediation in Daventry and across the midlands and there are many areas in property that you may find our services useful.

The most common need for our mediation service is divorce and/or separation. However, we also help out with issues concerning landlords and tenants,  finances,  inheritance and family businesses – or even something simple as a  boundary dispute on a property that’s holding up a sale.

One of our strengths at Campbells is that we have the ability, experience and knowledge to see both sides of the story and mediate between the parties involved.

We often find that one or both of the parties are unable to express their concerns without getting emotional and angry.

By having a neutral listening ear that ultimately wants the best result for everyone, nine times out of ten, we can express a view on what might be fair or reasonable  and come up with a plan to move the situation forward.

Disputes of any nature can be stressful, unpleasant and emotionally draining.

Our mediation service is private and confidential – we act only as a third party with a view to negotiating an amicable settlement.

As you’ll see from the examples that follow our expertise are not limited to one type of mediation situation.

It’s not uncommon for a partnership whether married or otherwise to go their separate ways and then suddenly it becomes impossible to have a reasonable conversation about their biggest asset.

Often the dispute goes on for months and sometimes years and clients often tell us afterwards that they wished they’d got us involved earlier – not only to alleviate stress and hassle but to save them time and money.

The key as an estate agent is to remain impartial, as after all, our job is to get the best price for a property in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle.

Complications can arise when somebody dies, either with or without a will or estate planning.

Mediation In Daventry

This is a time when close family and/or estranged relatives get together, all with a different opinion at an emotional time.

For those clients that need to apply for probate and just don’t know where to turn (because lets face it it’s not something you do everyday) then often we can alleviate a lot of worry.

Sometimes we are asked to sell a property or a plot of land where a formal boundary either doesn’t exist or is in the wrong place. This can inevitably cause disruption on a sale that can lead to months of delay, all because the two parties involved i.e. the owner and the neighbour can’t see eye to eye.

Landlords and tenants do have a tendency to have a difference of opinion about repairs, rent, cleanliness of a house, for example, when a tenant moves out. Both parties do feel that they have a valid reason for feeling that way … an impartial view on a situation can often reach an amicable settlement.

Negative equity, short sale and general debt management can be particularly stressful.

In this economic climate many people are having to sell due to redundancy, overstretched finances etc.

You needn’t worry – we have a team of experts who will work with you. We’ll talk to your lender on your behalf and come to a satisfactory repayment arrangement to help you move onto the next stage of your life.

If you think any of our mediation service would be helpful to you then please give us a ring on 01327 878926.

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