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Campbells Launch ‘Property Advice Bureau’ to Help The Public With Property Related Problems

Campbells Launch 'Property Advice Bureau' to Help The Public With Property Related Problems

Ever wanted a helpful and positive property advice group on Facebook?

One with like-minded people who need answers and help from those who have them. We wanted to create a group where everyone helps each other and the guidance is there for those who need it the most.

Campbells Property Advice Bureau is a group where you can support and encourage others but also get answers to your questions.

It is also a PUBLIC Group, with access for everyone, but please only join the group if you are going to follow the ethos and rules of the group.

If you are stuck with a property problem or question that is keeping you up and you just need clarity, just post a status in the group and we can help you, by doing so you might help others – we would love to be able to help everyone.

If of course, it is a private issue, you can come and talk to us directly either via Facebook Messenger or you can give us a call on 01327 878926.

We also hold Advice Afternoons on the first Saturday of every month from 12pm – 2pm, so just pop into our High Street Office.

These are the frequently discussed topics:

• Debt and Interest Only Mortgages expiring
• Inheritance Tax valuations
• Neighbour Boundary disputes
• Do you need somebody to act on your behalf?
• Help with your Will?
• Your property just isn’t selling…
• Do you need to sell quickly?
• How to Sell a property?
• How to Let a property?
• Leasehold Property advice
• Mortgage Advice
• Selling a property online – advantages and disadvantages
• Selling a property by the modern method of Auction
• H.M.O Properties
• Buyers advice – how to make an offer
• Solicitors advice
• How do you ‘dress’ a property For Sale or To Let?
• Divorce or separation advice
• Landlords help
• Tenant Help
• Managing bad tenant debt
• Evicting tenants
• Relocating?
• Probate Valuations
• Mediation

Often people pop in and within a few minutes a worry is resolved just by telling us your story.

It will be private and confidential – we have a quiet room that you can use with a member of our team. What Would You Like To Know?