Social and Digital Marketing Pack

Sell Your Property Online

Our New Revolutionary Way Of Getting Your Property Seen By Thousands Of People.

At Campbells, we understand the need to market your property online (but still remain as your local estate agents). That’s why we have created our brand new ‘Social and Digital Marketing Package’ to help our clients sell or let their property!

We want to give our customers a powerful and flexible option to sell their property, and during difficult property markets, getting the marketing right for your property can be crucial. Not only do we show your property to thousands of people, but an audience of thousands of targeted people. This means we are advertising your property to the right people.

What Is This Package?

It all starts when our property experts pop round and take some photographs and footage of your property. Our online marketing guru’s then create a unique URL on our website for your property only. Your property then goes onto the property portal websites and our internet partners websites (you get that when you sell with us anyway). However, by using this package, our online marketing gurus create an authentic property video as well as tailor made adverts for your individual property. These then get shown to thousands of potential buyers in both local and surrounding areas.

Why Do I Need It?

Sometimes selling on property portal websites alone don’t always work. As effective as they are, they don’t target audiences as well as other online methods, like social media. Our Social and Digital Package can increase your chances of selling quicker and increase the audience looking at your property.

What’s Wrong With Just Using Zoopla and Rightmove?

Absolutely nothing, as standard, when you sell your property with us, your property will be advertised on the UK’s popular property portal sites, however, we want to speed up the time it takes to find you more potential buyers (and getting you the right price). We can achieve this by extending the amount of websites that we advertise on.

How Many More People Will See My Property?

It is important to remember, it is not how many more people will see your property, it’s also making sure that you are paying for your property to reach the right audience. Not that this still isn’t a lot, because even with a targeted audience, the reach is still in the thousands. For example, if your property is in Daventry, your property has the potential to reach an audience of around 20,000 people (and that is targeted – i.e to people above 30 if we think this is suitable for your property). This doesn’t include surrounding areas either, if we extend your advert by a 5 mile radius, this reach can go up to anything between 80,000 – 100,000 people.

Does it not make sense to have that extra advantage over other sellers? Reaching potential buyers in ways that some agents haven’t even considered.

Where Will My Property Be Advertised?

As well as your property being advertised on more than 25 third party websites and portal sites (which you get for FREE when you sell your property with us), with this package you also benefit from strategically targeted Facebook ads (which now appear on Instagram too!) that are targeted to a specific audience and are optimised to be displayed on a mobile and Facebook partner sites..

Not only this but your property will also go on Twitter and Instagram using specific hashtags to target the right people. As well as YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

We are now also introducing our tailer made PPC adverts with Google. Our clever marketing team will create a specific advert for your property and target users that use Google to search for properties in your area so that your property will be the seen at the top of Google before everyone else.

How Do I Know How Well My Property Is Doing?

At the end of each campaign we do on Facebook and Google, we can give you a detailed statistics report for your property and tell you how well it did, even down to which age group was clicking on to the most etc.

The report will show you how many people saw the ad, and how many people clicked on it, detailing our efforts.

Can I See The Adverts?

Of course, if you so wish, we can show you previews of your adverts and if there is something you would like to change then we can have a chat about it!

We can even show you how they will look on a desktop, mobile, Instagram and Facebook partner sites.

How Long Does This Pack Run For?

This pack will run for 30 days, please remember that we cannot refund you if your property is sold before the 30 day plan is up.

Where Will My Property Video Be Shown?

We will upload your property video to YouTube (which helps with your presence on Google too!), we then embed your video into our website as well as showing it on our partnered property portal sites. We will then use this property video for one of your Facebook adverts as well as uploading it to Twitter.

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Sell Your Property Online

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