What Do Our Associates Say About Campbells?

We have a fantastic team of property experts who love to share their passion for property by giving our clients an amazing experience when it comes to dealing with their properties.

So we thought we would share some words with you that they have written about working with Campbells.

 I was becoming bored and stale in my previous job and although I still enjoyed meeting and helping my clients, with the change in the market, the enjoyment and the financial rewards were dwindling.

Joining at a time when the property market has been at rock bottom, to most people I speak to, seems a ludicrous idea! They couldn’t be more wrong!

This may sound dramatic but I have literally had a life changing experience! I go to bed excited at the prospect of the following day – I come home having had a great day, knowing that I have achieved something …. and its been a long time since I have felt such job satisfaction.

Every day I am learning new aspects of the job and how to deal with different situations.

Paul provides me with one to one coaching sessions and my attitude and way of thinking has changed tremendously. I want to be at the top of my game when the market turns again and the only way to get there is by starting now. I have no doubt of my ability in getting there with the mentoring I receive from Paul.

Paul is a tower of strength for me and he installs confidence and makes me feel great about what I can and do achieve.

Being an Associate is fun and exciting – I have great new opportunities to get my teeth into – I’m challenged on a daily basis and I get out of it what I put in to it. I feel my capabilities and strength in my role grow daily.

If you can succeed and make it work in this market the success you will achieve in a buoyant market doesn’t bear thinking about – the rewards will be incredible.

I am now seeing the financial rewards of the efforts that I made at the start which is fantastic.

Amanda Loydall, Campbells Associate For Weedon


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Having worked in HM Forces for 26 years, deciding to embark on a completely different career path was something I didn’t take lightly, especially as I needed to provide for a young family.

It was very daunting at first as I had never even dreamed about doing something like this before! After a very short space of time I realised that I had made the right choice. The initial training was superb and the one to one coaching that Paul continues to provide is invaluable. Paul has a professional approach and a positive, straight talking attitude. Paul is a font of all knowledge in every area of property sales and management and he continues to coach and mentor me through the ups, downs and pit falls of a turbulent and testing property market.

Joining Campbells as an Associate has given me everything I need to move forward in my new career. Paul’s motivation, vision and reading of the market conditions has made my transition into a completely new industry very successful. He has enabled me to succeed and make a difficult market profitable.

Without having to invest a huge amount of money, I am now self employed, working flexible hours which is allowing me to enjoy a good balance between work and my family life. I even find time to go to the gym now!

Mark Heycock, Campbells Daventry Showroom Director


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I became an Associate for Campbells in 2007 having worked in manufacturing, sales and promotion in Northamptonshire’s shoe industry. I joined Campbells as I wanted a fresh challenge in my life – I like meeting and communicating with like-minded people.

As an Associate, I personally take care of the sale, rent and purchase of properties in Daventry.

I feel very much a part of a team who, like me, have a wealth of experience to draw from.

Having been both a seller and a buyer in the past I know without a doubt that Campbells differs from other estate agencies. Our high level of customer service is paramount. We ensure our customers’ moving experience is as smooth as possible by providing simple communication and  sharing our knowledge of how the property market works.

The most satisfying part of the job for me is when our buyers or sellers pick up or drop off their keys and thank us for all the hard work we have done for them.

Stan French, Campbells Associate For Daventry


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I first started investing in property back in 1996 but it wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to follow my dream and make it my full-time career. Launching Campbells in Hampshire has been an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Having bought and sold 5 houses myself in the last 10 years I’ve had first-hand experience of the highs and lows of buying and selling property.

The service I received from the different agents I’d come across suprised me – afterall, your own house, for most of us, is the most important asset you own.

None of the agents I used before were able to give me a totally personal service which was tailored to my needs. Considering the situation I was in at each given time in my life, no one went ‘the extra mile’ for me.

I wanted to do things differently and, after being coached by Paul Campbell on a number of my property sales, I wanted to be an ‘extraordinary’ estate agent.

Deciding to become a Property Expert and an Associate of such an extraordinary business model wasn’t a hard decision.

Campbells is not your usual high-street agent – we are a league of extraordinary individuals working together as a team which has been around since 1989. As a client of Campbells, you will automatically have the benefit of the wealth of experience that we all bring to the company.

It’s fair to say I’m a very busy bee when I’m not working. I have a large young family – 4 girls and a little boy along with a husband and a dog! As you might imagine, we spend lots of time out and this now I can do it without having to worry about having time off.

Nicky Cartwright, Campbells Associate For Yateley


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