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A mortgage is the biggest loan you’ll probably ever take and will follow you for the greater part of your adult life.

It makes sense to not only find the right one when you first start on the property ladder, but also regularly to review what you do have as interest rates and your personal circumstances change.

The mortgage market has taken a hammering over recent years.

The behavior of the main mortgage lenders has resulted in many brokers having to shut their doors, leaving buyers with considerably fewer options for finding an independent source of property finance.

If you need a mortgage but are finding it difficult to get what you need, especially if you have difficult or unusual circumstances, Campbells works with an independent mortgage broker who is dedicated to giving you a personal service, accurate advice, and reassurance to help you make the right decisions.

Mortgage services

Get in touch now if you need any of the following:


First-time buyer mortgage


Buy-to-let and let-to-buy for investors


Shared Ownership and Home Buyer


Assistance Scheme mortgages


New deals

on existing home-owner mortgages


to raise extra capital or home improvements

Debt consolidation


Equity release