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Campbells Buyer Representation Service

Would you like us to represent you as a buyer and negotiate the best price on your property?

This service could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of your property purchase.

  • We’re experts – We get the property you love at the right price.
  • We know what properties are really worth.
  • We will give you the edge in negotiations.
  • We evaluate any given situation & agree the lowest price possible.
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So, what’s the easiest way to save money on a property purchase?

Get an expert to buy you a property on your behalf

It’s called our Campbells Homebuyers Service. This service could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of your next property.

Of course we can only offer this service to clients who are not buying a house through Campbells – we can’t and wouldn’t act for both seller and buyer for obvious reasons.

We do the negotiating for you!

Just imagine you could get the property you love at the right price

You love the property and you really want it, but you’re concerned you’re paying too much or you’ve got some serious worries and don’t want to confront the seller.

You’re making the biggest investment of your life based on two or three 20-minute viewings. Unless you’re a property expert, chances are you’ll either miss something important that reduces the value of the property, or if you do spot it you’ll be too embarrassed to negotiate with the seller to reduce their price.

6 Reasons

Why you should choose Campbells to buy your property for you


Experience Matters

We know what properties are really worth and we will give you the edge in negotiations with private sellers and estate agents. Years of experience enables us to evaluate any given situation and agree the lowest price possible.


Our team of property coaches is on hand at all times

Most of the stress when buying is not just in trying to find the right home, but making an offer then instructing and chasing agents, sellers and so on. We will do this all for you and much more.


You will enjoy the experience

We like to make sure that you, as the buyer or anyone else involved in the process don’t feel harassed, anxious or concerned. We want everyone to enjoy their experience that they have with us.


In some instances our service is FREE

Our fee, for using our expertise, is based on what we save you, so in the unlikely event that we are unable to save any money then it’s Free. And if you are selling a property through Campbells then this service is Free.


We will listen to you

We have always been passionate about customer service and our clients have told us how good our service is compared with other Estate Agents – feel free to take a look at our Testimonial Page.


We are available 7 days a week

Wouldn’t it be great to have somebody to talk to as regularly as you like, at any time, 7 days a week whether it be on the phone, via text, email or face to face. You can do that with Campbells.

Tried and Tested

See Some Of The Scenarios

Case Study 1

Wouldn’t you want to know if the seller had lied about their house being damaged?

Well that’s what happened to one buyer recently, who discovered through a YouTube video that the house she had been assured was safe and flood-proof had in fact been subject to a devastating flood a couple of years below that destroyed the bottom floor of the property. Thanks to some clever questions and the Internet, the real truth was revealed and the buyer was able to pull out of the sale before it was too late.

There has never been a property we haven’t managed to reduce the price of and we can do the same for you. Even better, our fee is covered by the amount we save you so you won’t be out of pocket.

Give us a call now for more details of our fees and remember: you make your money when you buy a property, not when you sell, so be sure you’re buying wisely.

Case Study 2

Campbells were asked to visit a detached property by a purchaser to make an assessment of its condition and highlight any issues that may cause problems in the future.

The first thing we spotted was that it wasn’t detached. The buyer hadn’t realised that the property’s attached garage was also joined to the garage of the neighbouring property. This is known as a link-detached property and affects its value. The second problem that was discovered after a chat with the owner was that his next door neighbour had several cars that were frequently manoeuvred on his driveway due to lack of space, effectively making it a ‘shared’ driveway.

The buyer wanted to back out of the purchase at this point and lose all the other benefits of that house because he felt unable to conduct the negotiation properly. Our recommendation to the buyer was to proceed with the sale, but Campbells would highlight the issues to the owner and negotiate a price reduction which the buyer felt was appropriate and made him feel happier about continuing with the sale. With our help, the owner agreed to accept the buyer’s request for a reduction of £15,000, and the buyer was satisfied that he’d made the right decision in the end.

** Please note, we cannot offer this service if the property you’re interested in is being sold by Campbells. It would unethical to do so when our seller’s pay us a fee to represent their interests in their property sale.

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