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If one of your issues at the moment is finding a property then our team has got a new tool that can not only help us find you a property but also help you avoid the anxiety of being involved in a multiple-bids situation.

It may be that you want to use this tool because you are looking to re-mortgage and you want to get an idea of house prices in the area.

Most of the time in your area, less than 1% of properties are on the market at any time. To put that into perspective there is only a handful of houses on the market at the moment and on our system currently, we have approximately 2,500 buyers looking for a house.

To help our clients and of course the general public, we recently teamed up with Simon Gates from Homesearch to offer 45 minutes of advice in the form of a Facebook Live video which we have also turned into a video podcast.

You don’t need to watch all of it but it may be worth just sitting down for an hour and watching this video if you are considering moving in the next six months.

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Simon shows us during the video podcast below, how we use this tool to help the general public find a property that isn’t openly on the market but may consider selling.

On average 3% of people move every year so by approaching potential sellers in an area of your choice, say 100 properties, statistically, three of them will be looking to sell.

This technology takes us back to our estate agent roots and mixes good old fashioned relationship building and property match making and mixes it with new, innovative technology.

The video podcast will provide you with:


Guidance on how you can purchase a property that is NOT on the market.

Guidance on viewing and offering on a property that IS on the market.

Guidance on how a bespoke marketing plan can help sell your house for the best price.

Guidance on selling your property without putting it on the market.

Guidance on how to lower the stress and anxiety of moving.

Guidance on how you can speak to your local agent for helpful advice.

To give an example, we recently helped a couple in Northamptonshire who wanted to move to a bungalow but were limited to a handful of postcodes. By using the Homesearch tool, we were able to target bungalows in these postcodes by sending a letter to each owner, asking if they would consider selling at the moment. 

This actually lead to three potential properties for our clients and gave the owners of those bungalows an opportunity to start their home-moving journey with us. The fantastic thing about this tool is that it is a win-win situation for all parties. 

The couple we were helping were really anxious about putting their house on the market because they couldn’t find their next home and we managed to find them a lovely couple who wanted to buy their house who are happy to wait until we find our clients the right bungalow and this tool helped massively with this. It’s always nice when these stories come to a happy ending.

This tool allows us to take away the fear and anxiety that comes with house-hunting, especially if you are looking for something very specific and don’t want to deal with competition but are still prepared to pay the top price.

We also have other methods of finding you a home that is not on the market through our social media platforms like Facebook Adverts as well as speaking to our own list of clients who are not on the market yet and may like the idea of selling their property without publicly putting it on the market.

Don’t be afraid to approach as and ask any questions. We are always happy to help.

During the video podcast, Paul, Jamie, and Simon discuss all of the above and Simon even shows us how we can use Homesearch to find your next home if you can’t find anything that is on the market.

Have a watch of the video and see what you think.

If you have any further questions or concerns then feel free to give Paul and Jamie a call on 01327 878926.

Watch The Video Podcast Here

Find out what the property market is like in your street

You can use this tool that we discussed at the end of the podcast to have an up-to-date market report for your postcode.

You just need to type in your address and you will instantly be provided with an interactive market update for your property and information on recently sold properties in your area.