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It is absolutely crucial nowadays that your estate agent or property manager is ahead of the game when it comes to marketing your most important asset – we all want to achieve the best sale price or monthly rental.

Most estate agents, particularly the ones that openly advertise and confess to the very cheapest fees, are doing their clients a huge injustice and potentially costing their client a lot of money.

Selling or letting your property can feel daunting and to some it is traumatic, but whatever you think or feel please do consider this.

Your property is probably your greatest asset which I suspect you have worked hard for.

As with anything you sell, the only way to get a reasonably quick sale for the best price is to make sure your buying audience gets to hear about it – every single one of them if you can!

In my opinion newspapers are a complete waste of time and as you will have heard more recently even the national tabloids are switching to online.

Even the BBC are switching their channels to online viewing only.

That’s because the majority of the savvy public are buying online from their mobile, tablet or PC devices.

Your buyers and renters are searching online and as well as using Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location they are using social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google etc.

With the competitive world we live in your property has to be very cleverly marketed online every step of the way – at Campbells we moved on years ago, we are internet marketing experts.

The old fashioned methods of selling and renting houses through sale particulars in a filing cabinet and a board outside is long gone. Don’t get me wrong, we will still use these tools but they are very much at the bottom of the list.

However, we are not faceless either – to be honest we leave that to the online and budget agents that can’t afford the time to talk to you properly (because the upfront fee you often pay doesn’t include that) and you have to fathom the whole sale and marketing funnel out for yourself.

At Campbells we want to hold your hand, take you on an easy journey, make it as simple and painless as possible and most importantly showcase your property to as many buyers or renters as possible and get you the very best price possible.

My team are highly sensitive, highly trained and very Savvy!

My top Tip – use an agent who is social media savvy.

Paul Campbell

P.S. I hope you found this little snippet of information helpful – feel free to talk to me personally  anytime if you have any questions as I have access to years and years of property marketing knowledge – it’s my expertise.