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If you have your home on the market for sale at this magical time of year, don’t panic. Read this article to find out how to use this to ensure viewers fall in love with your property.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be an added stress if you are trying to sell your house at Christmas. You might be considering cancelling Christmas this year as your attention is taken up with your move, or perhaps you are considering postponing your move until the new year.

It can be tricky trying to juggle all of the tasks of selling your home, from photoshoots to viewing appointments, on top of gift wrapping and preparations for the festive period. But there are ways to juggle all that you need to do, have a wonderful Christmas and keep up with marketing your home for sale at once. Selling your home is important, but it is often not the priority at this time of year. However, there are many reasons that you should continue your home-selling journey, regardless of looming festivities.


A Warm Welcome

Making your home feel super cosy and welcoming could be enough to clinch the deal. Imagine the buyers have been battling the elements to view properties, and they go to a cold, empty, unloved property with no furniture or central heating. They're tired, cold and weary. Then they come to your house. You welcome them inside to your warm, cosy home, decorated for Christmas and filled with festive cheer. Which property would you prefer?

Get In The Spirit

Use Christmas-scented candles or diffusers, perhaps serve some hot chocolate or offer your viewers a mince pie? Maybe you could play a quiet instrumental Christmas playlist in the background to set the tone?


You could use your Christmas decorations to enhance your property. Perhaps very tasteful, matching baubles on the tree or a beautiful wreath on the door. A popular consideration for viewers, no matter what time of year they view a property, is where the Christmas tree will go. This is your perfect opportunity to showcase how wonderful their Christmases could be if they bought your home.

The viewers who are braving the elements to view properties during a hectic time of year are more likely to be serious buyers, so it is crazy to think about taking your home off the market at this time. You could miss out on a serious buyer. You can request a quiet time over the Christmas break where you put a hold on viewings whilst you’re celebrating so that your family time is not disturbed. You don’t need to host viewings on Christmas Day or between Christmas and New Year if you don’t want to. But don’t forget – the busiest day for traffic reported by Right Move is Boxing Day every year. Why? If you are considering a house move in the new year, what better time to start your search than when the whole family are able to decompress and relax from their busy work schedules?

You have to give these buyers something to see; if you remove your property from the market, they won’t know about it, and you could miss your ideal buyer. Likewise, as new buyers enter the market on Boxing Day, they won’t see your property if you’ve taken it off. There’s no harm in being online, and it won’t affect your Christmas cheer; simply hold viewings but continue marketing until Christmas ends, and you can return to ‘normal’ life.

If you’re thinking of moving in the new year, why not contact our team of property experts for advice on marketing strategy and property valuation so that you can start your planning and preparation now?