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To help our clients and of course the general public, we recently teamed up with Simon Gates from Homesearch to offer 45 minutes of advice in the form of a Facebook Live video which we have also turned into a video podcast.

You don’t need to watch all of it but it may be worth just sitting down for an hour and watching this video if you are considering moving in the next six months.

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The video podcast will provide you with:


Guidance on how you can purchase a property that is NOT on the market.

Guidance on viewing and offering on a property that IS on the market.

Guidance on how a bespoke marketing plan can help sell your house for the best price.

Guidance on selling your property without putting it on the market.

Guidance on how to lower the stress and anxiety of moving.

Guidance on how you can speak to your local agent for helpful advice.

“Let’s wait and see what happens”

Paul made a very good point during the podcast about clients who say We want to see what is going to happen next?”.

In other words, some people are choosing to wait a few months before putting their house on the market due to uncertainty. Now, the only problem with that, as a seller, is that everybody is doing the same thing – waiting.

Now fast track yourself to a few months’ time when everybody decides to put their house on the market at the same time and you now have another problem… there is too much competition.

Trust us when we say, there is no such thing as a bad time to sell your property. More so than ever, NOW is the right time. We are currently in a market where we can confidently say we have far more buyers than we do sellers. 

It doesn’t even matter which part of the market you are in. We have £400,000 properties that are getting, multiple viewings and multiple offers and we have £1,000,000 properties that are getting multiple viewings and multiple offers.

So before we consider anything else, do not swim in the pool of sameness. This is going to be a case of “the early bird catches the worm”.

Most of the time there is less than 1% of properties on the market at any time. To put that into perspective, in our area there are only a handful of properties on the market and on our system currently, we have approximately 2,500 buyers looking for a house.

Over the next few months, more properties will come to the market as we go into Autumn as this is a popular time to sell, so why not beat the crowd and make a start now?

Most of these buyers have offered or at the very least, viewed a property with us so we know they are qualified, genuine buyers who have missed out on other properties. 

Not everyone wants to put their house on the market and that is fine, so we do have an alternative option where we can use our list of existing buyers without putting your house on the open market – you can always give us a call and we can pop round and discuss this option with you too.

There are thousands of buyers out there at the moment who are prepared to pay the right price for your house and there are a lot of sellers who are going to miss out on this.

So if you are considering moving in the next six months, the time to make a start is now. You can still make the most of the high demand for properties.

During the video podcast, Paul, Jamie, and Simon discuss all of the above and Simon even shows us how we can use Homesearch to find your next home if you can’t find anything that is on the market.

And Simon quite rightly points out “Every home is on the market – it’s the more motivated ones that put a for sale sign up”.

Have a watch of the video and see what you think.

If you have any further questions or concerns then feel free to give Paul and Jamie a call on 01327 878926.

Watch The Video Podcast Here

Find out what the property market is like in your street

You can use this tool that we discussed at the end of the podcast to have an up-to-date market report for your postcode.

You just need to type in your address and you will instantly be provided with an interactive market update for your property and information on recently sold properties in your area.