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Have you thought about the importance of using video to market your property?

We love to mix new and modern methods of marketing with traditional estate agency ideals. This gives our clients full value for money and optimum return on investment by receiving the very best marketing strategies as well as quality customer service.

As well as advertising our client’s properties on many social media channels and other websites such as Facebook and Google, our bespoke service offers various video marketing options…

Our Bespoke Property Video Marketing Includes:

  • Location Footage
  • Aerial Footage (If applicable)
  • Facebook Live Viewing
  • Internal Virtual Tour
  • Lifestyle Footage (if applicable)

You can see examples of these in the video below.

There were no questions who we would get to market the property, since Jamie had left a very good impression on us from previous dealings. We were also very impressed with how houses were marketed on social media and your website. Our house had never looked so good in the photos!

Our house sold almost straight away with a few other offers.

Matt about Jamie and the team

You can see examples of the above we have used for our previous clients in the showcase video below:

Campbells' fees were extremely reasonable. We would have expected to pay more taking into account the service we received.

Campbells use modern technology to help make the process easier. Estate Agent terminology is kept to a minimum and communication is easy to understand.

Gary about Jeremy and the team

Why is marketing your property with video so important?


It means prospective buyers have seen most of your property before they come for a viewing.

This helps reduce time wasters as your prospective buyers know what to expect before they arrive. It helps us to manage expectations. We would rather have a handful of quality viewings who have seen as much of the property as possible already, rather than many unqualified viewings who don’t understand the property before they arrive.

It allows your prospective buyers to make a more informed decision when they make an offer.

We want our viewings to go as smoothly as possible and we want your potential buyers to know as much about the property as possible before making an offer. Our property tours allow them to make a more informed decision before and after the viewing as it means they can go around the house as many times as they like.

It allows people who live far away to ‘view’ without making the drive down.

Some of your potential buyers live miles away - not everyone is local. So it invites more people to want to make that effort to come and view because they feel more comfortable getting in the car and making that long drive if the’ve already had that 'first viewing' online. As you can imagine, it has also been really helpful during the pandemic.

It gives people a better impression of your home that maybe the floorplan and photographs don’t.

As property experts, we always want to show your property in its best possible light but also give your potential buyers anhonest impression. Sometimes photographs and floor-plans can be misleading or misinterpreted. Videos give your prospective buyers a different and better perspective of your property.

Your property will stand out amongst the rest.

Most agents and property experts don’t offer this service. So if your property is amongst several others and it is the only property with a video then it will make you stand out and attract more purchasers.

You have something to keep when you move!

On many occasions, our clients have requested our videos and photographs to keep as a momentum once they have moved onto pastures new - which is always a really nice feeling for us too. Imagine being able to look back 10 years later on your old home.

To find out more, feel free to give me a call in the office on 01327 878926.

Or you can drop me an email at

I honestly believe wholeheartedly that this is the company that everyone should use if you want to get the best price for your home, the best value for money for the work completed, and to feel at ease with the communication throughout this emotional process.

Jamie’s experience shines through at the moments when you really need it. Just think how you would feel if a major problem arose and you just couldn't contact your team, which you hear time and time again from other companies.

Lisa about Jamie and the team