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Who doesn’t enjoy watching property programmes on TV like Location, Location, Location, Grand Designs or Escape to the Country?

Personally, I really love the fact that the homes always look stunning- they are light, spacious, tastefully decorated and furnished, plus you can totally picture yourself living there, without having to change a thing!

Let’s face it; it’s almost as if someone has carefully crafted each room to provoke a positive reaction and appeal to your emotions?

We all know TV is nothing like reality. But if you are planning to sell a property soon, it’s worth remembering there are lots of things that you can do to show it in its best light. This way you will give potential buyers good vibes the moment they see your property from the road and/or take their first steps through your front door. 

Quite often, it is those first 3 seconds over the threshold that stimulate the desire to buy the property and make it your home.

“Good presentation of your property is half the battle when it comes to securing that all-important offer.

Remember buyers make up their minds about a property in seconds, so you need to ensure that everything adds up, from the front of your house to the garden, inside every room and its surroundings too. If you like what you see, then so will other people.”

Clare BonwickLocal Property Expert

And all it takes is a little preparation and of course, looking at your property through the eyes of a prospective buyer.

Who is your audience, who are the buyers? If you imagine your buyer has a growing family, for example, you need to show plenty of space for children to play.

Of course, your property should be clean, tidy and presentable, but there is so much more that you can do besides. 

So, the first step is being honest about your property – what needs to be removed, added, improved or changed – and then work out what strategies you need to employ to showcase its attributes.

On that subject, grab a piece of paper and right down a list of features that a buyer would benefit from if they chose to live in your property… 


It's not just the inside that may need attention, the street scene is key, so is the garden.

So put away the bins, toys and other eyesores, cut the grass, tidy up any plants, trees or bushes and repaint anything that shows signs of neglect. Don’t forget to look objectively at communal areas, or your neighbours’ properties, and offer to help improve their visual appeal if necessary.

Decluttering, cleaning and maintenance are essential.

Putting away some personal items will help. No one wants an untidy, chaotic environment where they can see plenty of DIY jobs that need finishing. Instead, buyers want to see a property in great condition, with plenty of space and offering lots of possibilities and opportunities.

As a matter of interest, we have a team of experts here at Campbells that will happily help if you get overwhelmed with a list – we look after hundreds of properties for landlords and therefore, have a panel of approved contractors.


Lighting plays a big part in how we view a room.

Always put the lights on prior to any viewings so your interior looks welcoming. If you have any dark areas, use lamps with daylight bulbs to create more light. The brighter it looks, the more captivating it is.

Rearranging your furniture or changing the focus of a room can create additional space or enhance the atmosphere.

Maximise any views and use fresh flowers, artwork, lamps or tasteful ornaments to make your property more inviting and home-like. Plus, keep it warm by putting the heating on, but don’t forget to keep it well-ventilated and free from any pervading odours - smoke pets and smelly teenagers!

Brief your agent on everything.

From how the central heating works to which key unlocks which door. The more knowledgeable and professional they are, the better they’ll be at answering questions and switching off any objections.

If you are struggling to achieve any of the above, don’t worry, we can help… 

Our associates are experienced and skilled therefore, we can help you dress your property or if that’s too much, we can offer invaluable hints and tips to ensure your property presents the right image to potential buyers.