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Are you trying to sell your home right now? Read this article to learn the top giveaway signs your viewers are interested in your home so that you know when the offers will come in.

If you’ve got your house on the market for sale right now, you will no doubt understand the frustration of being unable to tell whether the viewers liked your property. You’re left wondering if they liked it and waiting on tenterhooks for the agent to call, hoping the viewers have made an offer.

Selling your house can be nerve-racking. Allowing prospective buyers, essentially strangers, into your home to judge whether they like it. Watching them wander around your home, examining your interior, and critiquing can feel very exposing and uncomfortable. And when a viewer looks around, they may be nervous, too – it can be uncomfortable and awkward for all involved.

Each viewing appointment brings hopeful feelings that this viewer could be the one who makes an offer. They’re the key to your move and the house of your dreams. It’s hard not to put pressure on them when they have such a critical role in your life, which is especially strange when you probably don’t know each other from Adam.

If the viewers like the property, they might want to play their cards close to their chest, not letting you know how much they like it. They might be trying to keep a poker face, not showing you how much they like it because they are preparing to negotiate an offer, so spotting the cues that will give them away can be tricky.

And it is so easy to see positive signs when you want a positive outcome. So many times, sellers report that the viewing went really well, and they are hopeful of an offer, only to be told that the property wasn’t for them when the viewers gave their feedback. So, how can you get the most out of your property viewings and know when the viewers liked it or if this viewing was not meant to be?


Another Look

Asking to see parts of the property again is a good sign. If they want to look at the property in more depth, it means that, whilst they might not have decided that they want to buy, they definitely haven't ruled it out.

Taking Their Time

We spend more time looking at a new car than we do at our next home. Crazy isn't it? So if someone is taking a long time looking around then it is likely they're interested. As an opposite, having someone rush around a house is not a good sign.

Asking Detailed Questions

Total silence would be a red flag. If there are no questions, then it is likely that the viewers are not that interested. A property purchase is complicated, and most purchases are not brand-new properties, so there are many different factors and, inevitably, many questions. This is partly why the legal process takes so long and in-depth. There are many factors and moving parts, so it would be unlikely the viewers have no questions unless they do not intend to buy the property.

Body Language

Check out body language and non-verbal communication between the viewing parties. Smiles and positive body language are ways that joint purchasers, or at least joint viewers, will tell each other that they like the property while still inside the property with you.

Discussing Timescales

If they have no interest in buying your property, your timescale for moving will be irrelevant to them, so if they ask about your onward plans and expected timescale for your move, this is a very good sign that they have interest in the property.

They Take The Agent's Details

If they take the Estate Agents contact details then that is also a good sign (although not always guaranteed).

They Will Ask If They Can Negotiate On The Price

Don't take offence to that, they are just showing they're interested. They have likely not decided that they want to pay for the property yet anyway.

Pay attention to the body language and conversations with your next viewers; you might be able to figure out how much they like your home without waiting for the feedback.

If you have any questions about conducting viewings when trying to sell your property, contact our team of property experts today.