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Campbells Estate Agents have started their campaign to teach more people to become extraordinary estate agents across the Midlands.

Daventry based estate agents Campbells are set to expand their passion for property and extraordinary service as they begin to teach individuals to own and operate their own estate agency businesses.  Plans include new showrooms and ‘show windows’ across the Midlands.

The future of Campbells and estate agents in general will be based on their ‘Hybrid Estate Agency’ model in which they mix the values of Traditional Estate Agents with the more modern techniques of Online Estate Agents.

‘Today’s customers who are moving, whether they are a seller, a buyer, a landlord or a tenant would still prefer to have their hand held, so to speak, through the challenges of moving. We are not a budget agent or online model where you are often paying a cheap fee where generally you have to do a lot of the work yourself. Clients who have already tried these methods have now realised the value and benefit of using a properly trained agent.

For years I have been embarrassed about the state of our industry, if I’m honest, but we have proved over the last decades that some estate agents really do do what they say they are going to do. Those that know me personally know that I have been trying to change the face of estate agency since 1989. Now our clients tell us we are which is a great feeling for me’,

said Paul Campbell.

Existing successful Associates are already operating in  Daventry, Clifton upon Dunsmore, Crick, Weedon Bec,  Braunston, Brackley and Bugbrooke.

Paul Campbell said ‘We have been quietly running this unique business model for a decade so now it’s time to continue our teaching and offer opportunities further afield to motivated individuals that have that entrepreneurial spirit to run and benefit from their own business, a passion for extraordinary customer service and clearly a love for our property business.

So for now we are looking for new Associates throughout Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.’

Starting any business from scratch is a challenge but Campbells have a unique model that you can invest in for a fraction of the cost of setting up a start up estate agency business – it is an existing successful model that has been running for over 10 years where working for yourself but not by yourself is part of the norm.

Paul Campbell founded Campbells back in 1989 and as well as being a published author and a regular commentator on BBC Radio he is very much respected and considered expert in the UK estate agency industry.

‘Teaching people how to run a business and treat customers properly is my passion – it’s been that way right from the beginning’, Paul commented.

Associates have access to the whole of the Campbells brand and the services they offer i.e. website, CRM systems, customer database, management software, digital marketing packages, property portal websites, marketing templates and procedures etc.

‘I was the first Associate to join the new Campbells model back in June 2006 and the training and support you get is just brilliant. I am now part of the training team and love every minute of it’,

said Mark Heycock.

If an individual Associate hasn’t the expertise to deal with a specific property requirement then there is always somebody else in the team with the right expertise to help.

All the business owners, as Associates, are free to work and earn whenever they please, whether it be operating from their local showroom or from home. With the latest technology such as internet telephones and remote servers, bespoke internet software, Associates have the ability to set up their personal offices and operate their business from wherever they like.

“It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurial minded people to be part of a tried and tested system that works without them having to go through the pain and financial nightmare that people suffer when they try to set up a business on their own.

Both our brand and our marketing works to the highest level and after our week’s intensive course, new Associates can get started straight away”,

said Jamie Campbell, Digital Marketing Director

All new Associates have to attend an intense 5 days training course in the beginning before their continuation training is given. This course includes; property valuations, viewings, the art of negotiation, digital marketing, property construction, property law, relocation agent training, property financing, investing, property portfolio growth.

‘I have been with Campbells and worked alongside Paul Campbell for more years than I can care to remember. I had the job of collating 30 years of knowledge and squeezing it into 5 days. It is impossible to expect anyone to get through the week and pop out the other side as an expert, but is is fair to say that you will understand what is expected of you to be an extraordinary estate agent as you move through your continuation training. The best property training course I have ever attended’, said Carla Field who supports the Associates with their individual needs.

‘Unlike many estate agents we will never allow a member of our team to advise on any property matter without the right knowledge and expertise. It doesn’t take long to get started as we have a trusted method and team support network but it is a must for me that if  you ask Campbells to act for you in any capacity you can be guaranteed the very best advice and service’, said Paul Campbell.

Campbells have also introduced a new ‘Associate Apprenticeship’ scheme that allows an alternative path for chosen entrepreneurial minded individuals that don’t have the sufficient finance to invest in a franchise.

You can find out more about becoming a Campbells Associate here: Become A Campbells Associate