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Being a landlord is not an easy job – despite what many people say.

There’s always something to think about and even more to worry about. Whether that’s tenants not playing by the rules, maintenance issues, the relationship with your property manager or the Government designing some more hoops for you to jump through! 

Are you based in or around Daventry and own two or more rental properties? 

Do you feel the need for more expert advice and support to help you get the most out of your existing investments and/or grow your portfolio? 

If this sounds familiar, then why not book a free property portfolio health check with one of our experts at Campbells?

Even if you’re not a Campbells’ customer, we can review your portfolio to ensure you’re getting the best possible returns. If you are passionate about property then you are in safe hands.

We can show you how to improve your yields, as well as discuss the capital gains implications if you sold one or more of your portfolio properties.

In recent months many of our landlords are sharing concerns over:

  • Current rental values
  • Rent delays and rent increases
  • Forthcoming legislation
  • Portfolio worth
  • Maintenance issues and charges
  • Certification and compliance
  • Purchasing more properties
  • The relationship with their current property manger

If you’re feeling uneasy about any of these points, or maybe something else, entirely different is bugging you, then book a ‘health check’ for complete peace of mind about the current performance and future value of your property portfolio. 

“At Campbells, we have many years of knowledge and experience of the local rental market and the industry as a whole. I have carried out a few ‘health checks’ recently and every landlord has found the information we have provided very useful.”

Paul Campbell

Our ‘health checks’ are confidential and with no obligation so if another opinion would help then please feel free to give the team a call on 01327 708000 and we’ll arrange an initial meeting in one of our private meeting rooms.

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