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Being the owner of your own property is beneficial in so many ways. It’s generally considered a good long term investment and it gives you a sense of security and stability.

And have you considered this …

Financial Benefits Of Home Ownership

  1. Long-Term Savings: You are investing rather than spending – instead of paying rent that pays off your landlord’s mortgage, your monthly payments will be contributing towards something that is completely yours eventually. On average, a homeowner could save £195,000 over a fifty-year period compared to those who rent, so without even realising you are setting aside money for the future.
  2. It could be a good source of additional income: historically property increases in value automatically over time, but more than that, you can rent it out or make an AirBnB out of it, if it became surplus to requirement.
  3. Easy to borrow money: it’s so much easier to obtain cheaper credit if you have an asset such as a property, should the need arise.

Social Benefits Of Homeownership

  1. Owning your home really makes you feel part of the community – being happy with your neighbourhood and the environment can give you a sense of belonging. It’s nice to know you can depend on those around you and they can depend on you.
  2. Financial Education – the huge amount of financial knowledge that you get when you buy a property is absolutely priceless. Some would say it is a stressful process in the early days but it is totally worth it as you use this knowledge later on in your life.
  3. Home Improvements – your home is your canvas in this situation, you can make any design, space or plan changes – you can do anything you want with that house as a owner which is a luxury that you will rarely be able to have as a tenant.

Other Advantages

  1. With fixed rate mortgages nowadays, you can control your outgoings more easily
  2. It gives you the feeling of freedom and security
  3. Renovations and changes you make could increase the value of your asset over time

Buying a property and making it your home is exciting but needs to be well thought out too.

At Campbells we provide a Homebuyers Service where we can advise on the buying process, obtaining the best valued mortgage and recommend a good solicitor.

If you ask us to act as your buying agent we can even negotiate the best price for you too and often save you so much money.

You’re making the biggest investment of your life based on two or three 20-minute viewings. Unless you’re a property expert, chances are you’ll either miss something important that reduces the value of the property, or if you do spot it you’ll be too embarrassed to negotiate with the seller to reduce their price. If only you had someone who could do it for you …

So if you are considering the leap into the property market feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to help.