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Estate agency is not widely known or respected for innovation, but GetAgent could be about to change that, as its comparison website, looks set to shake up the way we choose an estate agent.

Free, speedy service…

If you’re looking to sell your property but are confused by not only the choice of estate agents, but their very different offerings too, then there is another way.

“I think it’s brilliant. Why shouldn’t the general public be made fully aware? And it’s so easy.”

Paul Campbell

GetAgent is a fantastic new, free online service.

Quick and easy to use, in only a few minutes, you can easily see the right local agent who will do the best job of selling your property, based on past performance.

Simply enter a few details about your property – area, number of bedrooms, how much you think it’s worth, plus your timescales and voila… up pops a short list of estate agent based on how they perform.

You can click on each of the entries to find out more.

Plus, if you want additional information, including the local estates agents’ details and pricing, all you need to do is provide your contact details or contact the agent directly.

Complete transparency…

“GetAgent is clever. It uses independent and objective criteria, like how quickly estate agents sell property and for how much, to show you how agents perform in relation to each other. And with league tables of estate agent performance available for anyone to view, together with an audit of their performance, it’s possible for you to know instantly which agents are good and have a proven track record.”

Paul Campbell

And the service is free to the consumer.

If you google ‘GetAgent’ in your area you will quickly find this comparison website.

We just thought this might be interesting research information.

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