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This is important stuff if you are considering selling or letting – what are potential buyers looking for when buying a house and how much value can you add to your property?

We often get asked by sellers and landlords who are preparing to move what today’s buyers are actually looking for when buying a house? It’s a good strategy because if you can make your property more attractive just by making a few tweaks then that is a good idea. I’m all for adding value.

Once you are ready to sell or let your property make sure your estate agent takes the time to think about these wants and needs and emphasises these benefits in your ‘internet copy’ to attract as much interest as possible. This is the detail that everyone will read when they click on your property for further information – you only have split seconds to hold their attention so you best make it very compelling.

At Campbells we have a whole training day on this subject – it’s that important.

We have some guidance notes and examples to help you.

When I sit with a client not only do I go through these points below but we agree on 10 benefits as to why somebody would want to buy or let your property.

Just sit back and think. Ask your friends? What attracted you to the property? Sit a blank piece of paper on the side and have a household competition. And by the way, any benefit is worth jotting down! … you never know who is reading our compelling advert.

Well it makes sense doesn’t it? How many times do you read dribble on an estate agent’s website or property portal site about the same stuff. Every property has its own character and location so surely it makes sense to tell a nice story and get your buying audience engaged?

Same goes for the photographs – why not show the benefits and add more value? A good estate agent will do all this for you so make sure you ask if they understand the importance of ‘compelling internet copy’.

I wrote a book on this stuff way back in 2009 – would you like a copy? Just ask here and one of my team will send you a copy. Just scan through it and use whatever tips work for you. Click on this link.

If you are near our HQ in Daventry then just pop in and mention that ‘Paul said I could have a copy’ – the guys in the office will know what you mean.

Now according to Gocompare Mortgages who surveyed 2,000 Britons, when buying a house, these are the top ten things that buyers look out for on viewings:

1.  79% of people check the heating
2.  74% check for double glazing
3.  71% care about the garden
4.  70% check for secure doors and windows
5.  58% want off road parking
6.  57% look out for a bath
7.  55% want to know about local shops and amenities
8.  54% look out for friendly neighbourhood
9.  53% want a good, reliable broadband connection
10. 50% look for a good energy efficiency rating

Interesting isn’t it?

If you use a local estate agent who is really passionate about selling or letting property they will be able to do all this for you so don’t worry.

If you want any help please just ask.

If you are selling or letting your property right now and you are struggling to attract the right interest then speak to me or one of the team, email a link to your property and let’s have a look.

Seriously it’s all in the detail if you want to get a good price.

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