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“SOLD!… How To Sell Your Property … Guaranteed”

The Secrets Behind Selling Or Letting Your Property Quickly and For The Very Best Price!

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The Secrets Behind Selling Or Letting Explained

Clients tell us how daunting and scary it is finding an estate agent – that’s why we want to help you. This Month, We Would Like To Offer You A Copy Of Our Book For FREE.

  • How To Choose The Best Estate Agent.
  • How To Get The Very Best Price.
  • Insider Hints And Tips From The Expert.
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Tips that will bring results

How will you benefit from receiving this book?

This book is for anyone who is thinking of selling or letting their property.

Or maybe you are already on the market but just can’t understand why you or your agent is not getting the desired results you want? As an independent estate agent since 1989, Paul shares his extensive knowledge to help you get your property to the very top of a buyer’s or tenant’s shortlist and achieve the maximum price possible. Paul shares his passionate experience, hints and tips that we guarantee will bring you results.

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Your Benefits

This book will help you think differently about Estate Agents and how to find the right agent to act for you

You’ll learn about:

  • Why you should create a detailed action plan before you put your property on the market.
  • Whether you’re selling for the right reasons.
  • The ten things that separate a good estate agent from a bad one and what questions to ask to catch them out.
  • Presenting your property so that buyers or tenants snap it up quickly.
  • Getting the maximum selling price possible.
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Reputable Independent Estate Agent

Who Is Paul Campbell?

“I am a reputable independent estate agent, property coach, property investor and mentor, and estate agency trainer – I’ve been passionately practicing this since 1989.

I have a reputation for giving refreshingly honest and down-to-earth advice which works – many of my clients have told me so. I am also a regular commentator on BBC Radio. As a fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents I am well respected in my industry and have a number of awards for excellence in customer service. In more recent months I have educated myself in online property marketing that works too – that will all be explained in my second book. I genuinely want to help you and am very happy to give you a copy of this book for free without any obligation.

All I ask is that you take on board what you learn and find the very best estate agent to help you. If you still want some help then get in touch with me personally and i’ll point you in the right direction.
Enjoy your journey and enjoy the results you deserve.”

Get Your Free Copy

This book will help you to sell your property faster and with a lot stress and frustration – and also will support buyers to enjoy a positive experience too. Paul writes very well with a friendly, supportive tone and obviously cares about his customers and has strong ethics. Combining expert knowledge of the big picture, his professional skills are really demonstrated in defining the small details, that if addressed can reap huge rewards (financial and time saving), which frequently those working in the property industry (yes that’s you estate and letting agents!) and home sellers routinely overlook – probably because they do not have the same knowledge, skills or experience.

Rachel BamberBrighter Thinking

This book will save you money, time, effort and lots of heartache…This was an easy book to read and is full of lots of useful facts for both buyers and sellers. I wish I had come across it before I sold my house two years ago as it clearly spelt out all the mistakes I had made. How much easier it would have been if I had avoided them.

To some people what Paul says might seem like common sense, and much of it is, but yet we all fall into the traps he mentions! I would highly recommend this book as a reference guide and check list to anyone buying or selling property. It will literally save you thousands of pounds. A great little investment.

Julia Felton

Great book that gets straight to the point. I found it was packed full of really useful information with great tips for selling your house. I really love the way the book has managed to distill a wealth of estate agents knowledge into this well written book. I found it to be well organised, covering all the vital information and more that you wouldn’t know unless you’d been an estate agent yourself. It covers so much from market conditions, reasons for selling, choosing the right estate agent, to what happens when you’ve actually found a buyer. Whilst I read the whole book, I now find it really useful to dip in and out.

Julia Haydon

Every estate agent should read this book…A very well written book full of what you would think was common sense but that I hadn’t thought of myself and that the vast majority of estate agents don’t seem to think of, either. If you apply what’s written in this book, I reckon you WILL sell your house, even in today’s climate, and sell it quickly. Yes, you can probably find some or most of this information on the internet but only if you know the right questions to ask, which, like me, many sellers don’t.

Insa Winkelbrandt

Paul tells it like it is! This important, illuminating book will guide sellers through the perils and pitfalls of selling successfully in good market times and bad.

Nigel Vokes

A fantastic but simple read for landlords and estate agents alike.Paul uses his personal story and well tested strategies well outlined in his book to show how you can easily sell your property without sweat.I will recommend this book highly to novice and experienced property investors who want a simple but effective system of rules and templates to sell their properties fast.

Amazon Customer

Sold! is a must read for anyone trying to sell or thinking about selling their property. Paul’s written a practical and insightful guide which shows you how to sort the good agents from the bad, get a property looking its best and get the most money possible whatever the market conditions.

Julian O’DellTM Training and Development

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