Franchise Director

Mark Heycock

Mark joined the Campbells team in June 2006 and has been a key member of the team ever since. Working the first few years in a rising market then throughout a tough recession, he very quickly gained a wealth of experience in the property business.

Mark dealt with us in the most professional and approachable way; we were not harassed but gently encouraged with considerable patience and understanding.
Buying a house is the biggest purchase of one’s private life and one hopes for a level of professionalism to match that key time. Campbells certainly did; every call, every query was rapidly dealt with in a clear, concise and friendly manner.

Bill and HazelUnited Kingdom

The team were great, especially Mark, who helped me overcome some repairs that needed to be done to the house by recommending known local tradesman.
I was very pleased that we used Campbells as I was selling the house on my mother’s behalf and live 120 miles away so I was reliant on speaking over the phone. I always got through and I always got a call back when promised.

BarryUnited Kingdom

The decision to choose Campbells over the alternative suppliers was not a difficult one.
Mark’s professionalism and local knowledge “shone through”. This was about his local experience of both the market and the geographical area the house sat, as much as the reputation of your agency, which also proceeded his initial visit.
We were immediately put at ease by Mark and his team’s support was invaluable.

AndyUnited Kingdom

From the outset all the Campbells staff have been fantastic, friendly and have done so much to help us. Special mention must go to Mark for his patience and always being there whenever I had any questions. It has been a good experience and I think Mark deserves our thanks for making it that way.
Very pleased we chose Campbells. The service has been excellent and you have definitely gone that extra mile.

CarlUnited Kingdom

We found Mark and the team at Campbells professional throughout the sale of our bungalow.
Living abroad and not being on the ground, so to speak, we relied heavily on Mark to sort various things out for us. Nothing seemed to be too big or small for him to help with.
We would recommend Campbells to anyone if they are thinking of selling a property.

June and DavidUnited Kingdom

Mark joined the Campbells team in June 2006 and has been a key member of the team ever since. Working the first few years in a rising market then throughout a tough recession, he very quickly gained a wealth of experience in the property business.

Mark served with the British Army for 27 years in a front-line infantry regiment. He travelled the world and spent many years in various trouble spots. He enjoyed it, but knew that as he got older, he would need to find something else to do as a career.

“After serving 27 years in the British Army with a front-line infantry regiment, being bounced around the world at short notice was interesting, exciting and very often an exhilarating way to spend the younger years of my life.

At the peak of my Army career I had reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 and had spent many years in various trouble spots worldwide. I decided at the age of 43 it was time grow up and start working towards a new career.”

During that time, he’s enjoyed the heady days of a rising market and survived a tough recession, whilst all the time gaining invaluable experience. And just three months in, Mark was the first associate to join the new Campbells franchise model, which he now heads up.

So now, not only does he look after his clients, helping and supporting them every step of the way, but Mark is also responsible for the welfare of the team. A role which he thoroughly enjoys and is well-suited to.

“I often call on my experiences of negotiating and managing in the British Army within my day-to-day role, particularly when it comes to dealing with sellers and buyers who are going through a difficult negotiation or sales process, or when emotions are running high.

They’re also particularly helpful within the team, especially on Monday mornings.”

Within the team, one thing that you will soon notice about Mark is his ability to stay calm at all times no matter what – he never lets things escalate! He can shut down problems quickly, usually by taking a step back and gaining much needed perspective, before offering a measured and fair response. 

Whilst Mark gets a real buzz out of meeting and helping people, he really enjoys the challenge of getting a house on the market and seeing the results. It’s not just about the sale, it’s all about customers having as smooth an experience as they can from start to finish. By listening and understanding what the customer wants, Mark gives them the property journey that works for them. 

Mark is very good at offering his customers a sense of security throughout their moving journey. From the valuation stage and up to completion, they know that they’ve got an amazing expert by their side who they can trust to do things properly.

Outside of work, Mark owns two spaniels Boris and Billy-Bob. They have an Instagram account which has really taken off – who knew that people would be so interested in what they get up to?

Mark is also a keen runner. Although coming to the sport later in life, he has completed all six world major marathons (London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Boston and Tokyo), and another 26 to boot. Currently Mark is wondering whether he should make it to the 100 club, but until he decides, his latest challenge of running 12 marathons and 12 half marathons in 12 months, is keeping him focused.

People often ask Mark why he started running again at the age of 48, well that’s simple. It was a time of recession and he had a real dilemma. Should he buy a new suit, or lose weight so he wouldn’t need a new suit? Turns out maybe Mark didn’t make the right economic decision, as he currently goes through one pair of running shoes a month, so perhaps a suit would have been a lot cheaper in the long run! 

If you’ve met Mark, you probably know that it’s impossible to be around him and not laugh at least a few times during the conversation. A lot of our customers say that after having him as their agent during the sale of their property, they consider Mark a family friend who they keep going back to with their property queries as they know that they will be looked after properly.

Mark has dealt with the sale of hundreds of family homes around Daventry and the surrounding villages but has a particular interest in helping people sell properties in Braunston.

If you are thinking of moving, then talk to Mark – he will do his best to give you as much help as you need.

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