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Letting Your Property

Are You Thinking About Letting Your Property?

When you connect with our lettings team you will soon realise that we are a friendly and approachable bunch of property managers who have been the property management industry since 1985.

Letting with Campbells

We have a reputation for looking after landlords properties properly.

A lot of landlords may find it daunting to talk to experienced property managers but please feel free to ask any question you wish.

Whatever you want to achieve as a landlord we have the resources and the expertise to help.

Our initial consultation is Free because we would like the opportunity to meet with you first as it is likely we will be working together for a while.

We have a number of choices and services so it is really up to you how much involvement you would like – we can look after you 24/7, 7 days a week where you don’t have to worry about a thing or you can choose our let only service, it’s entirely up to you.

You can call the office during normal office hours or why not fill in our online contact form and we’ll call you and your convenience?

Campbells Can Help You Invest

Property is still an excellent way to invest money over the long-term

Campbells is very experienced at helping investors choose, purchase, let and maintain investment property.

If you are very busy, we can scan the property market for likely good investments and do all the initial viewings foryou according to the criteria you set. You’ll then be presented with a short list to consider, from which you can either view those listed for yourself before buying or ask us to act on your behalf and buy the property based on our recommendation.

Three Golden Rules

We Only let to tenants that abide by our rules


Rental Income Assessment

We review our landlords properties & compare them to the current market.

Finding A Suitable Tenant

The key to property investment is quality – quality property, quality tenant.

Regular Inspections

We personally visit all of our landlord’s properties and our tenants regularly.
Are You ready?

Getting the property ready for rental

Ensuring the property is in good order will help to make it more desirable – the property will be easier to let and it may even mean that tenants want to stay longer – keep it well maintained too.

Getting a property ready for rental can sometimes be a stressful task, it can take up a lot of time which can cost you more money than it’s worth, especially if property management is not your full time job.

We Are Here For You

End of year statements for tax returns

As a landlord, you are legally required to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and you may have to pay tax. If you don’t, you could be charged a penalty.

However, at Campbells, we can do this for you and make sure that you get the right income as well as paying the right tax.

Find out what the property market is like in any street or postcode.

You just need to type in an address and you will instantly be provided with an interactive market update for that property and information on recently sold properties in that area.