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Need A Solicitor Or Conveyancer?

Get the legalities covered

we can provide you with a conveyancer or solicitor in Daventry and across the midlands, to help you take your next step.

A solicitor or conveyancer is the one vital link in the chain that can cause tremendous stress, hamper a sale or purchase and cost you money if they don’t do their job properly. The trouble is we all need one when buying or selling property. That’s why when you find a good one that does the job well, you stick to them like glue!

Campbells has dealings with solicitors and conveyancers on a daily basis so we know who the good ones are and the ones…well…frankly, you shouldn’t touch with a bargepole. As a result, we’ve formed our own panel of experts that we highly recommend and choose to use for our own legal or conveyancing work.

Our recommended panel

Why is it such a good idea to choose from our recommended panel of solicitors?

First, they’ve been selected because they do a good job on time and for a reasonable fee. There are many others who deliver poor or slow service regardless of how expensive or cheap they are.

Second, Campbells go back a long way with some of our recommended solicitors, and we talk to them frequently on a personal, one-to-one basis.

Third – and this is a purely selfish reason on our part – because of our relationship with them, we find it easier to keep track of what is going on with your conveyancing.

If you use a solicitor outside of those on our chosen panel of experts, we’re in the same boat as you when it comes to chasing your conveyancing.

If your chosen solicitor doesn’t want to talk to us or disappears on holiday leaving your sale or purchase on the bottom of the pile, they won’t tell you or us and there’s nothing we can do about it.

When we use one of our recommended experts, we always know what is going on with our seller’s conveyancing, and they always have the courtesy to take our calls and let us know when they’re on holiday or in court for the day.

So if you’re getting ready to buy or sell a property, come and talk to us about getting a competitive quote from a really good conveyancer on a no-sale no fee basis.