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When you engage with the Campbells Braunston Team you will soon realise that we are a friendly and approachable bunch of property experts who genuinely want to help you.

We are the local estate agents specialising in the sale, rental and management of property in Braunston, Willoughby, Flecknoe, Wolfhamcote, Sawbridge, Grandborough, Barby, Welton and Kilsby.

Living in Braunston

Braunston (near Daventry) lies at the junction of the Grand Union Canal and the Oxford Canal in a truly rural setting on the border of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. A great place to live.

The day visitor will enjoy strolling along the well-kept towpaths or walking up to the village where, as well as the church, there are two pubs and a small group of shops.  There is also a canal-side shop near the bottom lock selling souvenirs and a limited range of food and ice creams.

On the towpath near the Marina is “The Stop House” where, in the old days, tolls were collected from the passing boats. The area is ideal for those who enjoy a stroll.

Braunston is situated on a hill above the road and the canals, and formerly had a windmill, the building of which still stands but without any sails is presently a residential property.

All Saints’ Church, Braunston has overlooked the village and the villagers for over 10 centuries and the canals and the boat people for over 300 years. It is a great place to visit, especially to see the pictorial timeline that is inside the church that tells it’s history.

Braunston Church - Campbells Estate Agents
Braunston Marina

Otherwise known as the “Cathedral of the Canals”, it has existed since the early 13th century. However, the land on which is stands has been sacred for longer still, as it was used as an ancient tumulus for the local farmsteads as early as the 10th century, although little evidence to this time is available.

Today the church still provides regular services to the area, and often allows visitors to tour the ancient grounds, on non-service days. Several relics have been kept by the church since its original incarnation.

Property For Sale
Property For Sale

The canal alongside Braunston is a junction between the Oxford canal and the Grand Union Canal, which was once an important part of the national transport system. Many former boating families have links to Braunston, the churchyard in the village having many graves of boatmen and women.

The village thrived for over 150 years on the canal trade carrying goods from the Midlands to London. Now it is a centre for leisure activities and boasts by far and away the busiest stretch of canal anywhere in the country.

Braunston Canal

A lot of clients tell us how daunting it is to call estate agents as some would say we have this reputation for wanting to know everything and asking tons of questions.

We promise we are not like that here at Campbells. The best ways to communicate with us are to pick up the phone, drop us a line or just come in and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.

“After serving 27 years in the British Army with a front-line infantry regiment, being bounced around the world at short notice was interesting, exciting and very often an exhilarating way to spend the younger years of my life.

I often call on my experiences of negotiating and managing in the British Army within my day to day role here, dealing with sellers and buyers helping them through the sometimes difficult negotiation and sales process, I find my current role very satisfying.

I have a particular interest in properties in Braunston plus the Timken and Lang farm areas of Daventry however, I have dealt with the sale of many family homes as you will see below. Don’t forget we sell property all over England, so don’t hesitate to ask my advice.”

Mark Heycock, Braunston Property Expert

Braunston Estate Agent


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