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A lot of our clients tell us how they fear selling their property and dealing with all the different types of property matters.

Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like and we promise to be honest and up front.

We have written this guide to introduce the common fears people have told us they have when they sell their property – it might just help you too.

1) “I want to sell but I can’t find anywhere to move to”.

This is a common fear – what happens if …

… ‘I can’t find another property?’

… ‘I don’t want to be forced into a home I don’t really want’?

… ‘I feel out of control’.

Many sellers choose to look for their next property before putting their current one on the market because they fear becoming homeless if their property sells too quickly.

We have a special method for sellers in this position – let’s just say we would never put you in this position.

We discuss it in more depth actually in this blog: CLICK HERE

Each client’s circumstances are different but we will create a bespoke plan to make sure we sell your property for the very best price and find you another one – if we can’t you pay us nothing at all and you stay put.

Did you know we have a homebuying service at Campbells which is free for all our sellers?  (CLICK HERE)

How would you feel if you found your next property but you weren’t in a proceed-able position to buy it, but someone else is?

We know it’s difficult but we’ve experienced all these many times – trust the process.

We would never follow through with a property sale if it wasn’t right for you. We would also never force you to go through with a sale.

2) “I’m scared of the whole process involved in selling my property”.

The entire Campbells team recognises that selling or letting your property can be a scary process and it is our job as your estate agent or property manager to put those fears to bed – which we will.

We’ll ‘hold your hand’ and stay with you throughout the whole process – we’ll agree on a method as to how you would like to be looked after.

Some of our clients like to be contacted once a week, some like to be contacted on a ‘need to know’ basis – you choose.

All we ask is that you be honest with us and we promise to be honest with you – that way you will feel in control.

3) “I’ve had really bad previous experiences when moving/selling”.

A lot of our clients tell us how they want to move but are scared to do so because of previous bad experiences.

Every home move is different – feel free to tell us your previous stories and we’ll make sure you don’t have to re-live this again.

We hear negative stories every day and often it is the choice of agent that is the mistake – not all agents are the same.

4) “The cost of moving scares me”.

We always discuss costs upfront and explain what they are for and why.

Often it helps just to understand who does what and why – there is a lot of time and experience spent making your move as smooth as possible.

Pay for the right expertise and you will save money in the long term.

Most of the time when we go through the costs with sellers or landlords they realise they aren’t as bad as they thought.

5) “I’m scared of it all going wrong”

Fear of failing is a common human emotion that occurs in a lot of life changing circumstances and selling or letting a property is no different.

Normally, it is the first step of actually putting your property on the market that a lot of people don’t like – ‘have I made the right decision’?

A lot of the time it is because they are scared of what other people are going to think and what they are going to say – we’ll help you with that and turn it to your advantage.

We like to remind our customers that we are taking them on a journey when selling their property and we will map out every step before you make any decisions.

We wouldn’t want to place your property on the market unless you are confident in what you are doing.

We want you to enjoy your move.

6) “I feel like my property is not in a good enough condition to sell”.

Clearly it makes sense to present your property in it’s best light.

Often it is not as bad as you think – we’ll advise you.

We have some pretty simple methods to follow and we have professionals to do it for you if necessary.

Our mutual aim is to get you the best buyer for the very best price in the quickest time.

Buyers are pretty savvy these days – they can often visualise how they will live in a property.

When you show us your property for the first time we’ll tell you what we think you could change to help sell your property quicker and for the best price.

We would not let you put your property on the market unless we know we have done everything we can to achieve the highest price.

7) “I’m worried about strangers viewing my property and handing over my keys”.

We never give keys out to potential buyers and we certainly will never conduct unaccompanied viewings.

We respect that although you are selling, often your private life still remains in your property.

Our Associates have a specific method that they have to follow when conducting a viewing to make sure your house is looked after and kept safe whilst we are in possession of your keys.

A lot of clients tend to panic before they have viewings, don’t worry, we will guide you through the process and guide you on how to prepare your property to show off it’s full potential.

At the same time, if there is anything we need to know to make you feel more comfortable when we conduct viewings then just tell us (i.e. can you please make sure everyone takes their shoes off) – we completely understand.

We do take online bookings however, we will never let someone into your property without knowing their details.

We will also talk to them first before we take them to the property so we know who they are – we treat your property as if it were one of our own.

8) “I don’t understand how an open house works”.

Our clients sometimes quiver at the sound of the words ‘open house’.  The most common fear of which being security, having possessions stolen etc.

Most sellers see the huge advantage of specifically organised and timed viewings and see that it is healthy competition for buyers.

At Campbells, we have a practiced, proven method that we use at our open hours that allows us to have plenty of potential buyers looking at your property, whilst keeping it safe.

Don’t worry we will never let anyone in your property without knowing who they are.

Depending on how many people turn up to the property will depend on how many members of our team we will have attend but we will always keep a sensible ratio of our team members to potential buyers.

If you don’t want to do an open house, it is not a problem, you don’t have to.

You are inviting people into your property and the more people we show the more chance we have of selling it and getting the very best price. 

9) “What if someone wants to view my property on a Sunday?”.

We are online 24 hours a day,  7 days of the week which allows your potential buyers to book a viewing of your property whenever they like.

We do like to give choice and sometimes it is easier and more convenient on a Sunday.

If you are happy to allow viewings on a Sunday then we are happy to accompany your potential buyers.

10) “I’m scared of feeling alone and vulnerable”.

This is a common occurrence when we are dealing with customers who are already in a vulnerable position.

Whatever that may be, you don’t need to worry because you are not the only one – please make it known if you are worrying or feeling anxious. To be fair it is ok to feel anxious but only if you feel you can share it and know that we are about and will understand.

Don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands.

11) “I’m scared of negotiating my next home”.

If you are worried about negotiating the price of your next home then you can ask us for help.

We can potentially save you thousands on your next property purchase so you don’t need to worry about this part.

We understand that sometimes people don’t want to talk to other agents about prices so let us do it for you!

You can read more about how we can buy your next property here: CLICK HERE

12) “What if I get stuck in a chain?”.

What is a chain? (CLICK HERE)

We have a lot of stories to tell from previous clients about this so don’t panic, it happens.

Don’t worry unnecessarily – we communicate with other agents to make sure the whole chain that is involved in selling your property is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, we also have a chain breaking service that we use to help you get out of a really bad situation if you need to sell quickly, you can read more here: Need To Sell Quickly?

The most important thing is that you use an agent who is prepared to go the extra mile and look after you properly.

13) “Why do I need to have a board outside of my property?”.

We understand that some of our clients don’t want to have a board outside their property. It actually costs us to place a board outside a property for sale so it is important that you understand the benefits of us doing this.

We want to make sure that everyone in your local community knows that you are selling your property, including the milkman and the postman.

Having a board also takes the distraction away from anything else that may grab a potential buyer’s attention on the street. A messy neighbour or someone else selling a similar property, for example.

We use our bright, modern boards to grab the attention of any potential buyer as soon as they arrive at the street.

Having a board also helps people to find the property quickly when they are coming for a viewing, which makes their experience much smoother.

Just one more thing too – ‘how serious is this seller about moving?’. We get asked that question regularly when a board is not present.

We appreciate there are exceptional circumstances but having a For Sale/To Let board has major benefits to help you and us to find as many buyers as possible and move on to achieving the very best price.

14) “What if my sale falls through?”.

Mmm it happens but if you use the right agent it isn’t as regular as you think.

We all know which agents in the area have sold on their boards one minute and then back to For Sale and often this happens several times on the same property.

We see this too and often it is the online agent or a local budget agent that operates a different model where attention to detail is just not a priority because of cost – there is very little profit as it is so there won’t be the funds to check the sale properly.

We have been practising our negotiation methods since 1989 and we can promise that we will do our very best to make sure your purchaser/s are not only motivated but can actually financially afford it.

Don’t worry we know what we’re doing.

Whatever you want to achieve, we have the resources here to advise you properly.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide that we have written to explain how we help our clients overcome the big hurdles and problems they find when selling and moving.

Whatever fears you may have, don’t worry, leave it with us.