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At Campbells, as your local letting agents, we recently carried out a simple survey with landlords who we don’t look after. Sadly I quickly found out that the majority of landlords we spoke to were so unhappy; by this I mean landlords who know they should be being looked after properly and aren’t.

I have been given permission to do something about this and offer landlords the opportunity for some confidential help.

To my amazement I also discovered that even though those landlords are unhappy they clearly felt they couldn’t do anything about it – a case of ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’, one landlord told me. I can understand that too when there was more than one property in their portfolio.

‘money for old rope’ said another frustrated landlord and then another gentleman commented ‘unnecessary evil’.

That’s really quite upsetting for us if I’m honest.

The top 6 frustrations were:

  1. Rent not being paid on time causing cash-flow problems and anxiety with mortgage payments etc.

  2.  Maintenance issues not being resolved causing tenants to leave and move on.

  3. Hardly any communication from the managing agent hence the ‘money for old rope.

  4. Regular Inspections and follow up reports leaving the landlords not in the know.

  5. Rent rises in line with current market value.

  6. Continuity of staff with their management company.

So I’ve decided with the help of the rest of the team here at Campbells to do something about it. I want to show you a method that will not only help you enjoy investing in property, but give you a much better return and really make it worth your while. We have been looking after property, properly, since 1985.

If you would like to discuss your landlord concerns then let’s at least arrange a conversation. I promise I will keep our conversation confidential and I promise to give you the very best advice – and if you want me to carry out a report on your property or portfolio then please just ask. At the very least you will have some knowledge to deal with your concerns to give you the confidence to sort them out.

Many of my clients find my reports very interesting to read and many experienced investors have gone away with a few ideas and more money in the pot too.

Let’s have a chat.

You can call the office on 01327 708000 during office hours, request a call back using the ‘online help chat’ facility or click here, leave your details and I’ll call you back at a convenient time.

Paul Campbell, your landlord confidante.