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How do you decide on a new home that everyone in the family is head over heels in love with? How do you settle on a property that accommodates everyone’s needs? Read this article to find out how to narrow your search to find the perfect new home for your family without any disagreements.

Searching for a new home is an exciting time. We happily spend hours each day scouring the property websites, looking at all the beautiful homes. Then, you select the top properties from your shortlist to view in person and make appointments.

Unfortunately, whilst this story may sound familiar to most of us, it is all a little too perfect. A bit too ‘if Hallmark bought a house’. In reality, there is much discussion, debate, and perhaps even disagreement. When buying a property with someone else, there are multiple thoughts, feelings and opinions to consider. Everyone’s needs, wants, and desires must be considered when choosing a new home.

So, how can this exciting process be fun-filled and stress-free? Follow these tips to ensure that you have a harmonious house-buying experience.


Make a list of all must-haves that would satisfy everyone's needs. Of course, there will be an ideal scenario where everyone has a bedroom of their own and a gym, a games room and a swimming pool, but this might not be the realistic list of things you need in your new home. This list is the criteria that you can not move on, the non-negotiables that, if a property didn't have these things, you simply wouldn't buy it.

Make a list of the wants that would mean you had the absolutely perfect property, but you would be willing to compromise if you had to. This is your wish list. In an ideal world, you would absolutely love your new property to have these things, but you would still consider it without.

Set a budget. Speak to a financial advisor to check how much you can afford to borrow and have your property valued to establish how much equity you have available in your current property. Take into account any savings you may have as well, and fix an upper limit to the properties you will look at. This will prevent you from overstretching.

Register your information with estate agents to be notified when new properties come onto the market. Make sure that you register in detail, not just your name and address; otherwise, you will inundated with emails for properties that are simply not suitable.

Be flexible; your needs and wants list will refine and shift as you view properties. You will cross things off the needs list as you realise that you, in fact, don't need them after all. Likewise, you may find that you need other things from a property you had not considered. Taking the best features from the properties you view will help you narrow down your search as you progress to finding the perfect property.

But remember to stick to the budget. It is easy to go off track and get carried away when viewing beautiful properties.

Enjoy this part of the process; it can be great fun. With each viewing, you will be able to envision your family living there. Some properties may simply not feel right for you, but when you find the right one, you will know instantly, and your thoughts can change to turning this dream home into a reality.

To register your information to find your next dream home or to arrange a valuation of your current property so you can set that all-important budget, get in touch with our team of property experts today.