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All viewings with Campbells are accompanied.

If you have entrusted us with a set of keys, we never simply hand them over and let a buyer into your property on their own. It’s amazing that some agents still continue to do this knowing the security risks involved, apart from that they are completely missing out on the most basic method of discovering the buyer’s thoughts during a viewing and addressing their immediate questions.

We arrive at your property early to ensure everything is ready for the buyers. We’ll already have had a conversation with you about whether you’re happy to let us take care of any last minute preparations for the viewers. For example, if you are at work at the time of the viewing, we can go around opening or closing curtains depending on the time of day, fluffing the sofa cushions, turning on the lights and generally familiarising ourselves with your property’s features once again. It’s even been known for us to wash up if someone wasn’t expecting a viewing and dashed off to work early that morning without doing it. However, we do have to draw a line so please don’t leave the hoover or the duster out for us……

Once the viewing is complete we lock up securely. Every viewing is followed up within 48 hours to find out what the buyer thought of your property. Whatever the feedback, positive or negative, we share it with you and talk through any issues that may need addressing in light of the buyer’s comments.  Campbells make a point of finding out what the buyer’s expectations are, so when they view a property they are well prepared.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Agent Do Your Viewings For You:

1) The Negotiations Start As Soon As Your Viewers Walk Through The Door.

Don’t forget, we are assessing your buyers and looking for their ‘buyers signals’ from the moment they phone us.  This all helps us when it comes to the negotiation stage which sometimes starts on the viewing.  If you have an agent doing the viewing you know these negotiations are being dealt with correctly and efficiently, to hopefully get you the best price.  One small factor that goes wrong, can cost you thousands.

2) You Don’t Want To Give Anything Away.

We have always encouraged vendors and buyers to meet, but once contracts have exchanged.  This is because some people can talk too much and mention things that might put off buyers when realistically there are no problems.  We will always be honest and upfront with any potential buyers but there are certain ways this information should be put across.

3) Security

We have procedures and questions that we put in place before viewings to protect us and your property, before anyone comes around.  Our team are trained to deal with any situation that might arise, luckily nothing has happened yet but you do get ‘close calls’ and we wouldn’t want you to be in that position.

4) It Frees Up Your Time

Let us do the viewings whilst you get on with the rest of your day.  Sometimes they will happen in the morning, sometimes the afternoon and even at night but we will give you plenty of notice so you can plan your day accordingly.  A lot of our vendors like to plan the weekly shop or walk the dog when we do viewings. Don’t forget if there are special times of the day and week that you want us to do viewings, then let us know! The point is you don’t have to let them interrupt your life.

We always do our best to place viewings together, for example on a Thursday afternoon between 5-6pm or Saturday morning between 9am-11am. This means you won’t need to leave your house every five minutes when we want to do a. viewing. There are many advantages to placing your viewings together on the same day so give us a call if you would like to discuss this – 01327 878926.

5) We Have All The Local Knowledge

We always give our vendors the opportunity to tell us about their home and the area they live in, including ’15 reasons why people should buy their home’ because at then end of the day, you know more than we do! However, collectively over the years, we have stored up all of these great points as your local agents and we use these with people who view your property.  If there is something we don’t know that we think we need to, then we will do our research!  A lot of viewers are out of area so will want to know a lot about the local community.

If you want to know more about how we conduct our viewings then please ask.