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Have you ever met someone who deliberately makes decisions that are detrimental to their financial and mental health? I do frequently.

Time and time again we meet unhappy individuals who have knowingly put their property on the market with an estate agent who is not mindful of their clients real needs, rather than choosing a good agent who genuinely works out an achievable action plan to get them what they want.

In the majority of cases the individual is selling their most valuable asset and yet they put themselves at risk of losing thousands of pounds by selecting an agent based on the cheapest fee.

What they don’t realise is that a fee will be cheap for a very good reason – maybe the person selling their property doesn’t value their own ability, or worse still, they are not really that bothered.

Maybe they don’t believe a good agent would be interested in their property, their reasons for selling or perhaps they feel they don’t deserve the very best.

Not so!

The good agents at Campbells will always be interested, and everyone deserves the best experience possible.

Think about it.

Can you come up with one reason why you would NOT choose the very best agent to sell your most valuable asset for the best possible price?

We all need to stop opting for a mediocre service, whatever our reasons are, and choose an agent that offers the very best personal service and attention – because you’re worth it!

Of course, it goes without saying you’ll only get the very best personal service and attention from all of us at Campbells.  So pick up the phone or pop into our offices for chat.

If you are genuinely motivated to sell, are happy to take some seriously good advice, would like to receive the very best price, have us put together some amazing property particulars, let us take some fantastic photographs and generally be happy to work with our happy, smiley team then you best get in touch as soon as you can!