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When it was suggested to me that I write a blog about my journey into the expansive world of Campbells and the property market in general, (journey, hmm.. it’s a marmite word isn’t it?), I immediately thought of Star Trek, which is very odd for me, I’m not a ‘Trekky’, can’t abide anything sci-fi – apart from a bizarre teenage crush on Dr Spok – but there it was in my mind’s-eye, me sat on the bridge of the Star Ship Semi-Detached, boldly going where I haven’t been before, exploring strange new worlds seeking out new life and civilisations – property, the final front-door…

I digress…but now you know the reason for the title of this first instalment describing my journey as I learn all about the property market from the Campbells team – I can’t believe I have learnt so much already.

“I am surrounded by years and years of property expertise so please don’t hesitate to ask me for help as I have all this expertise at my finger tips!”

Ah yes, team, that’s the other element of this blog’s title. Now this really is a tenuous link – bear with me – Starship- ship-boat-captain-crew- TEAM!!

Those who have read my profile on our website will already know that in a previous life I was a sailor and consequently experienced many crews/teams, different dynamics, and learnt what makes a team (one where the boat just remains afloat), and what makes an extraordinary team – one that wins races!

So what makes my extraordinary Property Team?

Well, in my very humble opinion, great teams succeed when all team members have the same lack of ego. Yes, there should be a “skipper”, director, or someone to steer, whatever, but every team member is as important as each other.

Every team member should have the same passion, for sailing, property, people, whatever floats your boat, but you’ve GOT to be passionate.

Every team member should have the same goal, to get across the finish line first, if you are competing, to get your property Sold or Let, or to find you your perfect home.

Communication, communication, communication! I could say it infinite times, it’s that important…imagine Uhuru not telling the Jim Kirk that there are Klingon’s on the starboard bow – disaster!

Ok, so far all fairly standard stuff, but what really sets a GREAT team apart from the also-rans is that, apart from all possessing all the skills, knowledge, passion or attitude you would expect from a professional property team, wouldn’t it be great if each team member had an individual skill or specialism that everyone else in the team could draw upon as necessary, covering all bases for the client? Bingo – top team!

So what’s my point? Well, it was very clear to me right from the outset of my journey into deep property space with the Campbells team, that these guys had all the above in abundance and the way they work is the way forward for me too!

For the first few weeks I am simply ‘hanging’ with the team and wow, what an experience.

I have tagged along on market appraisals and viewings, and this last week I did my first half day ‘duty day’ and was confidently informed that I was already better than an ordinary estate agent!

Watch this space.



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