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Why not get an expert to buy you a property on your behalf?

Buying a property can sometimes be daunting. After all you don’t do it every day.

At Campbells, we don’t just sell property – we buy them, on behalf of clients, too – it’s called our Campbells Homebuyers Service. This service could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of your next property.

By using our property buying service you could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of a property. Of course this service only applies to clients who are not buying a house through Campbells – we can’t, and wouldn’t, act for seller and buyer for obvious reasons.

4 Reasons why you should choose Campbells to buy your property for you

1. We buy and sell houses for a living.
We know what properties are really worth and we will give you the edge in negotiations with private sellers and estate agents. Years of experience enables us to evaluate any given situation and agree the lowest price possible.

2. We have a team of property coaches on hand at all times to work with you.
Most of the stress when buying is not just in trying to find the right home, but making an offer then instructing and chasing agents, sellers, mortgage companies, solicitors and so on. We will do this all for you and co-ordinate everything from offer right until you complete your purchase.

3. You will enjoy the experience.
We like to make sure that you, as the buyer or anyone else involved in the process don’t feel harassed, anxious or concerned. We want everyone to enjoy their experience that they have with us.

4. In some instances our service is FREE.
Our fee, for using our expertise, is based on what we save you, so in the unlikely event that we are unable to save any money then it’s FREE.

And if you are selling a property through Campbells then this service is FREE too.