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One Top Tip To Help You Get The Best Value From Choosing The Right Estate Agent or Letting Agent.

If you want to find the perfect buyer or tenant for your property, then you might just want to understand one top tip – it’s something that has crept up on our industry that you need to know about.

Our online marketing team have been working hard behind the scenes for years to show seller’s and landlord’s properties to every possible buyer and tenant in the best possible light. We do this through the various resources we have on the Internet and on our social media platforms. That used to be through a desktop computer screen but not any more, I’m afraid.

If you want to find a buyer or a tenant quickly at the best price, all this ‘internet marketing’ is an absolute priority, but it must be done properly.

estate agent social media digital marketingIt should be your main feature or benefit to look for when choosing your agent – no longer can you just rely on a newspaper, an office, local knowledge, great sales and administration teams and a board outside your property. Don’t get me wrong, you need all of this but not as a priority.

Here is an interesting statistic I learned from a survey I was privy to recently.

‘approximately 90% of people who have a mobile phone keep it within 3ft of them, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.’

I have to be honest – I do too. What do you do? It makes sense though doesn’t it.

… and apparently there are something like 7 billion people in the world as of 2015, 4 billion of which use a mobile phone. As a matter of interest I’m also told that only 3.5 billion actually use a toothbrush!

Let’s face it when we are away from the desktop PC at work or at home we are on our mobiles or tablets everywhere else. We do everything on them!

So is your next buyer or tenant searching for their next home? And this is the point.

At Campbells we recently carried out our own survey and within a matter of hours it was clear – mobile phones or tablets were by far the most popular methods of viewing social media and property websites. Desktop computers were hardly mentioned.

I appreciate there is the occasional person who will insist on not using a PC or a mobile and, whilst they are still catered for, it is very much an exception nowadays.

Now here is the next thing I have discovered. The majority of search engines like Google, for example, no longer prioritise a website if it is not ‘mobile responsive’ i.e. not mobile friendly. They don’t want to be promoting Estate Agent’s websites that are not optimised properly because you, as the customer, don’t want to look at property sites at your leisure that don’t work or are not even ranked on the first page of your search.

Neither does your potential buyer or tenant – so you need to do your research on the Estate Agent or Property Manager you are using or thinking of using.

Do they rank high up on the first page of a Google Search?

Does your property itself rank high up on a Google search?

Can you read their website easily through your mobile – if you can’t, then your buyer or tenant certainly won’t wait.

Put yourself in the mind-set of a buyer or a tenant looking at your property. What would you look at or search through on your mobile or tablet?

Fortunately for the team here at Campbells we have always invested heavily in our brand, our online marketing strategies, including our social media activities, and therefore our reputation for good service to our clients. You can rest assured that if you invest in us and trust us to look after you properly we will get your property in front of as many buyers and tenants to create the very best price in the quickest time.

If you are currently selling or renting a property and you would like a free assessment of how your property looks to buyers and tenants right now, then feel free to contact our helpline on 0845 4084068 – we’ll send you a free guide to follow or we can do it for you, it doesn’t take long.

The most important thing is that if you want the best agent to achieve the best pri
ce and experience then they must have a mobile friendly website. It’s not an option to ignore otherwise you will lose value in your asset.

Paul Campbell – Online Property Marketing Expert