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2 billion people use social media worldwide, that’s 28% of the human population.

That’s a lot of people to show your property to (especially on social media) – the opportunities here, if your agent has moved on with the times, are immense.

We deliberately target individuals who we know will be interested in your property.

So for example, there is literally 100’s of thousand’s of daily active users aged 35+ on Facebook in your area –  that’s a lot of people to view your property.

That’s just Facebook though.

Campbells are now present on all eight of the main social media platforms in the world and we use this to our advantage to show off and sell or let our client’s properties.

Let me explain to you how these amazing marketing tools help us to sell or let your property quickly and effectively – more importantly for the very best price!

1. Facebook

Facebook has around 1.44 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the most used social media site in the world.  Most people scan read daily which is why we like to use it to spread our passion for property and our news!

We use Facebook to target specific areas that
we know are most likely to take an interest in
your property. We can even target specific post codes, gender, age groups and interests, giving you the correct target audience in which to broadcast your property to.

On average Campbells are reaching 80,000 specifically targeted potential buyers and tenants, just on Facebook (per month),  to show off each  property that we are trusted to sell or let.

Do you think that at least one of those 80,000 potential movers might just be interested? In more cases than none, we have too many people after one property so that helps us achieve the fairest and best price.

You can check out our two Facebook pages here:

Have you seen what we have been doing in Nepal?

Did you know this too? Unlike most estate agents Campbells will create you your very own URL address specifically for your property. Buyers and Tenants will go straight to your very own property page and not get lost in the estate agent’s website!

2. Twitter

With an average of 302 million monthly active users, Twitter is also an extremely important marketing tool that we can use to get your property ‘out there’.

Our target is to get your property seen by as many quality buyers or tenants as possible and Twitter really helps us to do this too.

Twitter makes it a lot easier for us to target an audience for your property because we can use specific hashtags to reach a certain audience.

So for example, #ForSale #Daventry #Property #HouseHunters, #ToRent #ToLet because we know people are going to be looking in hashtags like this to find properties.

You Can Check Out Our Twitter Page Here:


4. YouTube

You Tube is the second most popular social media with 1 billion monthly active users. We use YouTube for our property videos which we then embed into our website or share as links on our other social media sites.

 As well as your own URL address, as we explained earlier, you will benefit from your very own YouTube video as well.

We will then share your video on partner social media platforms and all the well known property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and online newspapers and popular social websites. Take a look at some of our property videos – you choose which one would best suit your property? Check Out Our YouTube Channel Here:


5. Pinterest

Whilst Pinterest is the least popular site out of the top eight I don’t think we should ignore it.

The important factor about Pinterest is that it’s main audience are the people who we want to target.

Property is one of the main topics that is used on Pinterest along with architecture, furniture, gardens and the like so as you can see, despite only having 47 million active users, the majority of these users are people within the target areas that we want to concentrate on.

Check Out Our Pinterest Account Here:


6. Instagram

Instagram is a social media opportunity that has huge opportunities.

With 300 million monthly active users, Instagram is very similar to the approach we take on Twitter however the good thing about Instagram is that we can share more information on our profile about your property (with Twitter you are limited by the amount of characters you can use).  Again we use hashtags, the same as Twitter, to gain as much interest in your property as possible.

Check Out Our Instagram Account Here:


7. LinkedIn

300 million people use LinkedIn with 35% of these people accessing their profiles daily.

We appreciate that LinkedIn is mainly used for business connections and the like however, it is still another group of people who will see your property through our connections,  similar to Pinterest.

Lots of business people on LinkedIn move home and relocate too and don’t forget there is a huge following of  investors on LinkedIn.

Check Out Our LinkedIn Account Here: