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Slowly but surely, Autumn has arrived at our doors.  It is indeed a beautiful season of the year, however many people assume that it is not the best time to sell a house.

Yes, there is a small increase of sales in the market during Spring, Summer and over the Christmas period, but it is only because more sellers prefer that season to advertise their properties. Placing your property on the market in Autumn could be a huge advantage, as you will be one step ahead of the few competing properties and you can be easily noticed by the pre-Christmas buyers that will want to spend the Festive period in their new home.

So here are some tips for preparing your house for an Autumn sale…

Top Tips on how to sell your house this Autumn

Make the most of your Garden

The outside space is a key selling point for your property and Autumn can give a completely new appearance to it , due to the range of colours … all you have to do is keep up with cleaning up the leaves, clean the gutters and if needed repair or replace them, add some new seasonal plants and make sure that the grass looks nice even if you don’t spend that much time outside anymore. These details might seem quite obvious but we often forget about them because it is a busy time of the year, however, they can have a big impact on your potential buyer’s opinion.

The Autumn clean up…

  1. Wash the windows. With shorter days, it’s important to make the most of the light flooding in.
  2. Dust and polish. Get rid of the Summer build-up of dust, rearrange the furniture, dust down book shelves and make sure your mirrors and silver are gleaming.
  3. Put away your Summer clothes. Replace them with cool-season items like your sweaters and coats.
  4. Clean and organise the Garage. Take an inventory of what your garage contains and how you’d like to organise the space.
  5. Clean the carpets. It is important for the appearance of your home, but also for the health of the people who live in it.

Use the seasonal atmosphere for your interior design

A buyer is always looking for a home – something that he can associate with warmth, peacefulness and harmony, therefore you can use some decorations to make it look cosier.

  • Arrange Autumnal flowers
  • Add a plaid blanket
  • Hang window wreaths
  • Mix rustic and Autumn accessories
  • Dining table displays
  • Craft an elegant table setting
  • Bring the outside in.  Collect fallen leaves from your backyard and turn them into a beautiful piece of art.
  • Mix colours and neutrals
  • Change your cushions
  • Include Autumnal colours
  • Add vintage details
  • Add natural elements
  • Cosy up with throws
  • Warm a room – A roaring fire takes centre stage in the living room
  • Leaf art
  • Candles- they can add light and warmth to your house.

Ensure that the property is warm

Make sure that the heating is working as it is a very important detail that can make your potential buyer feel more comfortable.

Lights up!

Because of the shorter days, it can get quite gloomy even during the day, so it’s important to consider how you can make your property look light and bright. Putting the lights on, even though it’s daytime can make a real difference. 

Some aromas can even boost the value of your home…

You can use your culinary skills to make your house more comforting, because smells like:

  1. Freshly-baked bread
  2. Cookies
  3. Apple pies

 …will make prospective buyers feel warm and comfortable in this potential “home” and therefore be inspired to make an offer. Alternatively, you can use scents like:

  1. Vanilla 
  2. Citrus
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Pine
  5. Coffee

Consider the specialist’s advice

A well presented property will always be welcomed on the market, however, a specialist will be more informed of different marketing strategies that will bring your property forward.  He will make sure that it has an optimal price and he will care about ALL of the details of the sale. You can make this sale more effective by contacting a local estate agent and work together to speed up the process. We know from years of experience, in fact since 1989, that sellers come with all sorts of experience, opinions and concerns when it comes to selling a property. Nowadays we all know that we have a choice.  At Campbells we want to give our customers the very best service and give you the choice to decide which method best suits your needs.