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So many Agents out there are complaining about the property market and why properties are just not selling. One lady this week had been told so many excuses as to why her property hasn’t sold – one minute it was the World Cup, then it was the heat and now it’s BREXIT. Probably the next one will be ‘it’s cold’ or ‘we are coming up to Christmas’. When an experienced local estate agent is tuned into their market he or she will know what to do from experience. Whether they choose to admit this to the seller, remains to be seen.

Selling property has nothing at present to do with any of these excuses – there will be something in your, or should I say your estate agents method, that needs addressing. All our associates in our practice are trained and experienced enough to look at your property, the location and be honest – I mean really honest. We can use this method wherever you are in the country!

If Paul comes out to see you personally he will show you exactly how we do it in the office – you will see what your buyers audience can see. So there is one tip you can use yourself. Who is your audience and what do they see? We have a proven method to follow which will work to bring you the best result more quickly. So if you are lacking in viewers, no offers and working with an estate agent expressing excuses then change agents – it’s very easy.

So these are the steps:

  • Contact our sales team by telephone, email or online and ask for an honest (no excuses) appraisal of where it’s all going wrong.
  • One of our experts in your price bracket will take your details, ask a few important questions and arrange a time to come and visit.
  • We will then, at the time of the appointment, try and assess the situation quickly, especially if it is blatantly obvious. If not, we can do the research later and send you a report.
  • Then you can digest the information, talk to your estate agent (if you really want to continue using them) or you can simply switch over and instruct our team.

We will also tell you how we handle a sale because there is always a way, so please don’t listen to excuses.

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